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Professional IronPython

ISBN: 978-0-470-88166-8
504 pages
April 2010
Professional IronPython (0470881666) cover image
Thorough coverage of Microsoft’s new dynamic programming language: IronPython

IronPython is a powerful and vital part of any .NET developer's toolbox, and although it is several years old, very little literature exists on the topic. This essential resource fills that void and provides you with an in-depth understanding of IronPython.

A brief introduction walks you through the installation, usage, and tools of IronPython and also explains what makes IronPython different from other programming languages. Coverage quickly moves on to explaining how to use and work with the IronPython language, and an in-depth look at its environment sheds light on how it can be stand alone or with the .NET Framework. You'll see how IronPython can be used to create either desktop or Web-based applications and you’ll witness how it interacts with other existing technologies. In addition, coverage of advanced topics shares techniques for extending IronPython and making it a robust language.

  • Provides you with an in-depth look at IronPython, how it is different from other programming languages, what it is capable of, and how to maximize its potential
  • Explores how IronPython interacts with existing technologies and how it can perform administration tasks
  • Answers popular questions, such as how to extend IronPython and make it a more robust language
  • Tackles topics not addressed anywhere else, including executing IronPython using Mono

You'll want to devour every topic covered in Professional IronPython so you can get started working with this powerful programming language today.

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Part I: Introducing IronPython.

Chapter 1: Discovering IronPython.

Chapter 2: Understanding the IronPython Basics.

Part II: Using the IronPython Language.

Chapter 3: Implementing Structured Language Elements.

Chapter 4: Using Arrays and Collections.

Chapter 5: Interacting with Structures and Objects.

Part III: Working with IronPython.

Chapter 6: Using the Python Standard Library.

Chapter 7: Accessing the .NET Framework.

Chapter 8: Creating Windows Forms Applications.

Chapter 9: Interacting with COM Objects.

Chapter 10: Using IronPython for Administration Tasks.

Chapter 11:  Developing AS P.NET Applications.

Chapter 12: Debugging IronPython Applications.

Part IV: Advanced IronPython Topics.

Chapter 13: Working with XML Data.

Chapter 14: Interacting with the DLR.

Chapter 15: Using IronPython from Other .NET Languages.

Chapter 16: Extending IronPython Using C#.

Chapter 17: Extending IronPython Using Vi sual Basic .NET.

Chapter 18: Using IronPython for Application Testing.

Chapter 19: Using IronPython with Mono.

Appendix A: IronPython Diff erences with CPython.

Appendix B: CPython Ex tensions for IronPython.


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John Paul Mueller is the owner of DataCon Services, a consulting firm, where he has written code for everything from database management systems (DBMS) to low-level hardware access code. He is the author of more than 80 books covering topics such as Web Services, web development, and Win32 API. He has also published over 300 articles.
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