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Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star

ISBN: 978-0-470-88507-9
208 pages
May 2010
Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star (0470885076) cover image


Working for nearly thirty years with and for leading companies including Citigroup, American Express, Epsilon, Apple, and Fidelity—with notable political and not-for-profit campaigns along the way—Steve Cone has the kind of hard-earned, high-level experience that translates into valuable, tested ideas on what really works—and doesn’t—in marketing.

In Steal These Ideas! Cone delivers hundreds of pearls in a sharp, no-nonsense, and witty style on all facets of marketing, branding, and advertising with all the candor and freshness one would expect from a knowledgeable good friend in the business.

Illustrated throughout with examples of the good, bad, and ugly in advertising, this is the secret stuff that no one ever teaches. Anyone can now steal these ideas and become a marketing star today.
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Table of Contents


1 - Three Hidden Ingredients in Every Winning Marketing Campaign.
2 - In Simple Language: What Is a Brand? What Makes It Successful? How Do You Manage It?

3 - How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition .

4 - Create, or Hire, or Beg, to Build a Memorable, Distinctive Personality for Your Business.

5 - You Have to Be Able to See It to Read It.

6 - Brochures Kill Trees: Make the Trees That Die for You Count.

7 - Everlasting Tag Lines.

8 - Think Globally, Act Locally . . . to a Point.

9 - Integration Wins Wars and the Mind of the Consumer.

10 - Location, Location, Location: Get the Most from Your Media Dollars.

11 - No One Ever Bought Anything from an English Professor.

12 - The Three Most Important Customer Lessons You Will Ever Learn.

13 - The Art of Building Effective Loyalty Programs.

14 - Surprise! We’re All Getting Older.

15 - The Big Breakthrough Idea: Where Does It Come From?

16 - The Web: Hype and Hope.

17 - The Power of Public Relations and Sponsorships.

18 - Politics and Promotion.

19 - In the Spotlight.

20 - Confucius and Stardom.

21 - How to Make the Most of Your Advertising Agency.

22 - The Ten Secrets You Really Need to Steal.

23 - Being All That We Can Be.

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Author Information

Steve Cone  is chief marketing officer for Epsilon. Over his thirty-year career, Cone has earned a reputation for innovative marketing management, including stops along the way at Key Corp., American Express, and Fidelity. A true out-of- the-box thinker, Cone is known for imaginative solutions to tough marketing issues.
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“A busy executive’s dream. . . . Peppered with practical lessons and engaging anecdotes. All in all, there are plenty of ideas here worth stealing.”
The Wall Street Journal

“Cone discusses the value of conferring a ‘personality’ upon a product, business or service as a way of subtly—but powerfully—making a connection to customers. All successful politicians do just that, and the ‘marketing secrets’ in the book are really ways to create that type of bond. Along with his practical advice, Cone’s insights into the thoughts behind the words are invaluable.”
Miami Herald

“Marketing mavens who treasure their jobs—or better yet, want to move ahead—will find themselves constantly using Cone’s incredible cache of ever-insightful tips and ideas as their guide to innovation and success.” 
Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Inc.

“With Steal These Ideas! Steve Cone provides a clear and no-nonsense guide for getting it done now.” 
Faith Popcorn, Founder and CEO, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve

“Loaded with lots of great marketing ideas. A steal at only $18.95.” 
Al Ries, Author of The Origin of Brands   

“I thought I would never need to read another marketing book until I picked up Cone’s fun, fast, and fantastic guide that can help any size business anywhere immediately go from ho-hum marketing to world-class.” 
Jon Linen,  Vice Chairman, American Express

“With lots of good information on key marketing topics, Steve Cone breaks down branding issues and delivers them with a refreshing approach and wry sense of humor.”
Claire Rosenzweig, CAE, CPMP,  President, Promotion Marketing Association, Inc.

“It’s not getting easier out there. So what’s one to do? You need the hard-earned lessons provided by campaigns that worked and someone who can extract their secret ingredients. Steve Cone does all that with a true knowledge of our craft and the no-nonsense approach of someone who knows, understands, and respects consumers. Does he reveal too much? Yes! Now, some of the best secrets in our industry are all in one place for all to see.” 
Daniel Morel,  Chairman and CEO, Wunderman

“Entertaining, informed, accessible—Steal These Ideas! is all that and more. I’ve been faxing pages to clients with a note saying, ‘Hey, read this. It’s by someone who learned from the same mistakes you’re making and can make it all better.’”
Richard Laermer, CEO, RLM PR, Author of Full Frontal PR

“This book is filled with practical advice for marketers, and the considerable insight that Steve Cone provides can be used every single day. The lessons he learned and shares are the culmination of his unique career as a marketing visionary for more than three decades.”
Adam Aron, Chairman/CEO, Vail Resorts (Vail, CO)

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