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Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth

ISBN: 978-0-470-88517-8
387 pages
May 2010
Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth (0470885173) cover image


In Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth, Hildy and Stan Richelson expose the myth of stocks' superior investment returns and propose an all-bond portfolio as a sure-footed strategy that can ensure results. The book is designed to educate novice and sophisticated investors alike and serve as a tool for financial advisers as well. It explains why bonds can be the right choice and how to use them to achieve financial goals. It presents a broad spectrum of bond-investment options, describes how to purchase bonds at the best prices, and most important, shows how to make money with bonds.

The bond strategies presented in this book are used by the wealthiest investors and financial advisers to maximize the return on their portfolios while providing security of principal. These strategies can help you determine how to use bonds in your portfolio and take control of your financial destiny. You'll be playing it smart while playing it safe. 

Silver Medal Winner, Axiom Business Book Awards (2008)

Silver Medal Winner, Independent Publishers Book Award (IPPYs) (2008)

Silver Medal Winner, Advertising/Marketing/PR/Event Planning Category, Axiom Business Book Awards (2008)
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Table of Contents


Part 1:  Clearing the Cobwebs.
1 Bonds: The Better Investment.
2 The All-Bond Portfolio.
3 Adopting the All-Bond Portfolio: A Case Study.

Part 2:  Bond Basics.
4 The Evolution of a Bond: From a Verbal IOU to Electronic Entry.
5 The Life of a Bond: How It's Created, Issued, Priced, and Traded.

Part 3:  Bond Categories.
6 U.S. Treasury Securities.
7 U.S. Savings Bonds.
8 U.S. Agency Debt.
9 U.S. Agency and Other Mortgage-Backed Securities.
10 Municipal Bonds.
11 Corporate Bonds.
12 Bond Look-Alikes.

Part 4: Options for Purchasing Bonds.
13 How to Buy Individual Bonds: A Tool Kit.
14 Bond Funds: The Good, the Bad, and the Worst.
15 Bonds Funds: A Taxing Matter.
16 Choosing a Bond Fund.

Part 5:  Bond Investment Strategies.
17 Investment Planning With Bonds: How to Design Your Bond Portfolio.
18 Financial Planning With Bonds.
19 Maximizing Profits:  How to Make the Most Money From Bonds.

Appendix: Useful Web Sites.

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Author Information

Hildy Richelson, PhD, advises clients nationwide on buying fixed-income investments. President of the Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd., a registered investment adviser, she is quoted as a bond expert in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and Money magazine. She is the coauthor with Stan Richelson of several books on bonds, including the first one written for individual investors about how to invest in municipal bonds: Income Without Taxes: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Tax-Exempt Bonds (Carol & Graf, 1985).

Stan Richelson is a NAPFA-registered, fee-only financial adviser and life-planning coach. Before becoming a financial adviser, he practiced law for a major Wall Street law firm, as well as for large corporations. He is a member of the Pennsylvania and New York bars. With Hildy Richelson, he coauthored several books including Venture Capital: The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Practitioners (Wiley, 2001). The Richelsons practice in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.
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"Diehards will love the book's all-bond portfolios...With more fixed-income products around than ever before, advisors should understand both what they are and how to use them. Bonds will serve as an excellent primer."
 -Financial Planning magazine

"Standard advice says investors need to strike a comfortable balance between risk tolerance and return expectations. In Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth, Stan and Hildy Richelson convincingly challenge conventional wisdom. They outline how to find safety without sacrifice by harnessing the unique risk-adjusted characteristics of bonds."
-Bill D’Alonzo
Chief Executive and Investment Officer, Friess Associates
Manager of the Brandywine Funds

"The unconventional wisdom in 'the unbeaten path' will soon become the conventional wisdom for anyone nearing retirement and frightened by the stock market's volatility. Hildy and Stan Richelson do all of us a big favor by outlining, step-by-step, how we can use bonds for growth and income."
 -Kevin Adler, MBA
Editor, NAPFA Advisor

"Hildy and Stan Richelson demystify bond investing. And in place of conventional, equity-based strategies, they convincingly propose bonds as the preferred alternative for individuals seeking attractive returns with low risk."
 -Andrew B. Williams, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Philadelphia International Advisors

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