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The Most Dangerous Business Book You'll Ever Read

ISBN: 978-0-470-88802-5
206 pages
February 2011
The Most Dangerous Business Book You


Hone your professional approach to a razor's edge using lessons from military and civilian intelligence

The Most Dangerous Business Book You'll Ever Read brings expertise from military and civilian intelligence operations into your business life. It lays out hard-hitting interpersonal skills to raise your level of professional effectiveness and vanquish your competition.

The Most Dangerous Business Book You'll Ever Read features former Army interrogator Gregory Hartley's unique system of profiling, formula for persuasion, and framework for establishing expertise quickly. Gregory makes his system concrete with case studies, tables, diagrams, and more.

  • Question like a Polygrapher
  • Sort Personalities like a Profiler
  • Close a Deal like a Hostage Negotiator
  • Interview like an Interrogator
  • Network like a Spy
  • Research like an Intelligence Analyst
  • Decide like a SEAL
  • Team-Build like Special Ops


Take your career focus to the next level. Discover the skills they don't teach in business school with The Most Dangerous Business Book You'll Ever Read.

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Table of Contents

Foreword (Louis J. Zaccone).



Chapter 1: Sorting like a Profiler.

Value to Business.

Natural Profilers.

Tools of Profiling.

Disposition Matrix.

Action Matrix.

Profile Your People.

Chapter 2: Question like a Polygrapher.

Value to Business.

Theater of Polygraph.

Tools of Questioning.

Reading body language.

Using body language.

Questioning styles.

Questioning strategy.

Detecting deception.

Chapter 3: Network like a Spy.

Value to Business.

The Brain of a Spy.

Form and Function.

Tools of Networking.

Elicitation techniques.

Five questions.

Countering elicitation.

The fulfillment strategy.

Tools of influence.

Chapter 4: Interview like an Interrogator.

Value to Business.

Tools of Interviewing.


Planning and preparation.

Establishing control.

Rapport building.



Tools of Interviewing Job Candidates.

Behavioral Interview Technique Enhanced (BITE).

Tools of Termination.

Process of termination.

Turning around a bad meeting.

Chapter 5: Close a Deal like a Hostage Negotiator.

Value to Business.

Tools of Negotiating.

Change management.

Taking Control.

Overcoming objections.

Reading body language in negotiation.

Chapter 6: Research like an Analyst.

Value to Business.


Tools of researching.

Identifying gaps.

Targeting research.

Determining sources.

Information transfer.

Vetting sources.

Calculating proximate reality.

Matching audience and packaging.

Filters Affecting Analysis.

Chapter 7: Decide like a SEAL.

Value to Business.

Tools of Deciding.

Leveraging subroutines.

Contingency thinking.

Value planning.


Chapter 8: Team-Build like Special Ops.

Value to Business.

Formula for Teambuilding.

Tools of Teambuilding.

Rite of Passage.



Mechanics of Team Leadership.

Conclusion: Backbone or No Backbone.



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Author Information

Gregory Hartley has served as a full-time director, as well as a consultant, to companies and provided body language and behavioral analysis for print, TV, and radio. Visit MindatWar.com for more information.

Maryann Karinch has written eighteen books about business and mental/physical conditioning and has coauthored seven books with Gregory Hartley.

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Press Release

February 23, 2011
The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read

Military and civilian intelligence operatives must persuade people, coordinate actions, and sharpen team performance. In business, whether you're negotiating a contract, making a crucial pitch, or analyzing a new market, these same skills give a superior advantage. Many of the strategies that glean intelligence and lead to victory in cold and hot wars can also be used to execute mergers, target and acquire top talent, and mobilize teams to create new business initiatives. The trick is in knowing exactly how to apply intelligence tactics to the business arena.  

Authors Gregory Hartley, who has taken the behavioral knowledge and hard analysis that made him an interrogation expert for the U.S. Army, and Maryann Karinch, author of 18 books about business and mental conditioning, lay out what they call “Extreme Interpersonal Skills” in their new book, The Most Dangerous Business Book You'll Ever Read.

Gregory and Maryann take the tools of military intelligence, such as heightened observation skills, deliberate interpersonal interactions, and a Special Forces-like bias for action and relate their potential value to the business world today.

Gregory and Maryann successfully marry the tools of intelligence and special operations with frequent opportunities for business advancement and can discuss topics such as how to:

  • Predict how people will behave when challenged or under stress
  • Make interactions with colleagues, customers, and competitors more deliberate
  • Form specific goals and execute tactics designed to get a team to reach its potential
  • Identify behaviors that are covertly antagonistic and know how to act upon them
  • Sort out the competition from potential allies—and create the right approach for dealing with each
  • Screen every potential employee to find the best match for every team
  • Create pitches that close the deal
  • Lead efficient, innovative, and driven teams
  • Case studies of strategies in action
  • Manage office politics by advising how to access personalities, network effectively, ask solid questions and analyze the responses, and hold the advantage in any meeting or negotiation.

Gregory and Maryann can discuss how learning how to utilize these tactical proficiencies will help prevent professional disaster and provide a repertoire of skills companies and individuals can use to fast-track businesses and careers.

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