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Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing

ISBN: 978-0-470-88841-4
270 pages
May 2011
Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing (0470888415) cover image


The best of the best strategies from leading marketers

There are millions of ways to speak to your market today; this makes choosing the best approach all the more important. With methods, tricks, techniques, strategies, and platforms suited for companies and budgets of all sizes, Mastering the World of Marketing reveals how 50 of the top marketers working today generate leads, create brand recognition, and capture new customers.

Covering both offline and online channels, this comprehensive guide examines traditional, alternative, and hybrid approaches, giving you the full range of what works today so you can choose what suits your business needs best.

  • Includes networking, word of mouth marketing, customer referrals, yellow page directories, radio, print, email marketing, direct mail, internet marketing, social media marketing, public relations, and advertising
  • Includes chapters from contributors such as Chris Brogan, Tony Hsieh, Jack Trout, David Meerman Scott, Guy Kawasaki, Peter Shankman, Scott Stratten, Mari Smith, Gary Vaynerchuck, and more!

A value-packed resource that offers unparalleled access to today's brightest marketing stars, Mastering the World of Marketing gives you all the marketing tools you need to reach your audience with compelling, winning messages

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Table of Contents

Foreword (Mark Joyner).

Introduction Mastering The World Of Marketing.

Chapter 1 The Split-Testing Attitude (Matt Bacak).

Chapter 2 Thirty-One–derfully Simple Ways to Make Your Ads Generate More Inquiries (Bob Bly).

Chapter 3 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media (Chris Brogan).

Chapter 4 Dewey, Cheatum & Howe, Inc. (John Carlton).

Chapter 5 Five Ways to Avoid Small Business Marketing Complacency (Charlie Cook).

Chapter 6 Ten Internet Marketing Rules to Live By (Terry Dean).

Chapter 7 Forget Benefits, and You Will Sell More (Michel Fortin).

Chapter 8 Ten Common Mistakes Exhibitors Make (Susan Friedmann).

Chapter 9 Build a Killer Media List (Rick Frishman).

Chapter 10 Two Businesses, One Marketing Plan (Bob Gilbreath).

Chapter 11 Relevancy Rules for Google (and for You, Too) (Aaron Goldman).

Chapter 12 A Newbie’s Field Guide to Twitter for Business: Twenty-Nine Questions (and Answers) About Starting Out (Ann Handley and Beth Harte).

Chapter 13 Is This a Bad Time to Market? (C.J. Hayden, MCC).

Chapter 14 The Dos and Dont’s to Using Article Marketing to Get Online Visibility (Jeff Herring).

Chapter 15 What Poker Taught Me about Business (Tony Hsieh).

Chapter 16 How to Be Fascinating (Guy Kawasaki).

Chapter 17 Common Courtesy Is a Marketing Strategy (Dan Kennedy).

Chapter 18 Two Key Elements to Article Marketing: The Perfect Title and Resource Box (Christopher Knight).

Chapter 19 Top Ten Metrics for Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI (Shama Kubani).

Chapter 20 Tap into Your Think Tank: Twenty Ways to Generate Ideas That Will Boost Your Business (Jim Kukral).

Chapter 21 Marketing WITHOUT Marketing (Ryan Lee).

Chapter 22 Where and When to Begin Marketing (Jay Conrad Levinson).

Chapter 23 Top Eleven Proven Ways to Grow Your E-Mail Marketing List (Andrew Lutts).

Chapter 24 Setting a Marketing Budget (Scott C. Margenau).

Chapter 25 Big-Ass Fans and the Naked Truth about Attention and Controversy (Perry Marshall).

Chapter 26 What Makes Things Go Viral (Peggy McColl).

Chapter 27 There Is No Word-of-Mouth ‘‘Marketing’’ (Chuck McKay).

Chapter 28 The Eight Ps of Buying Triggers (Adrian Ott).

Chapter 29 ‘‘Robert, They Can’t Eat You!’’: My Rules for Success in Business and Life in General (Bob Parsons).

Chapter 30 Book Yourself Solid: How to Get Clients Even If You Hate Marketing (Michael Port).

Chapter 31 Twenty-Three Questions for Prospective Bloggers: Is a Blog Right for You? (Darren Rowse).

Chapter 32 Ten Ways to Surf for Buried Treasure in Your Market (Rich Schefren).

Chapter 33 Avoiding Dreadful Marketing Ideas (Barbara Findlay Schenck).

Chapter 34 Ten Web Landing Page Tips to Drive Action (David Meerman Scott).

Chapter 35 Everything You Need to Know about Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Andy Sernovitz).

Chapter 36 Five Ways to Not Screw Up Your Networking Attempts (Peter Shankman).

Chapter 37 Seven Direct Mail Secrets Guaranteed to Create a Stampede of New Business (Yanik Silver).

Chapter 38 Twenty-One Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase (Mari Smith).

Chapter 39 The Great Brand Dilution (Brian Solis).

Chapter 40 How to Write a Great Press Release: A Sample Press Release Template (Bill Stoller).

Chapter 41 Why I Changed My Coffee Religion (Scott Stratten).

Chapter 42 Power of Psychological Triggers (Joe Sugarman).

Chapter 43 Five Guerrilla Marketing Weapons That Helped Increase My Business without Spending Any Money (Mike Tasner).

Chapter 44 Love and Logic Equals GREAT Marketing (MaryEllen Tribby).

Chapter 45 The Importance of Being Different (Jack Trout).

Chapter 46 The Five Most Important Words on Your Web Site (Nick Usborne).

Chapter 47 Crush It! (Gary Vaynerchuk).

Chapter 48 The Twenty-One Most Powerful Copywriting Rules of All Time (Dr. Joe Vitale).

Chapter 49 Search Engine Optimization Made Easy (Aaron Wall).

Chapter 50 What Is Marketing? (Allen Weiss).

Additional World Class Marketing Resources.


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Author Information

Eric Taylor is a global expert on sales, marketing, employee motivation, and personal development. He is the founder and president of Eric Taylor Consulting Group, based in New Jersey. Eric has educated, entertained, and inspired more than 2,000 audiences over the past 20 years. His high-energy, interactive, and relevant keynotes attract some of the world's most respected companies such as T-Mobile, Tiffany & Company, State Farm Insurance, American Express, Liberty Mutual, Aflac, and many more.

David Riklan is the founder and president of Self Improvement Online, Inc., a company that manages multiple websites on self-improvement, business, and natural health including SelfGrowth.com, the number-one ranked website for the self-improvement community. David has created four powerful Internet marketing and training programs on e-book marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and social media.

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Press Release

July 15, 2011
Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing

There are millions of ways “to go” to market. With an unlimited choice of strategies from experts all around the world, Eric Taylor and David Riklan  have compiled advice from more than 50 of the top marketers including Peter Shankman, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Jack Trout and Guy Kawasaki in their new book, Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing (June 2011).

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