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Interior Graphic Standards: Student Edition, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-88901-5
496 pages
November 2011
Interior Graphic Standards: Student Edition, 2nd Edition (0470889012) cover image


The new student edition of the definitive reference on architectural interiors

Interior Graphic Standards, Student Edition is a carefully edited treatment of the authoritative Interior Graphic Standards Professional Edition. Designed and organized to give students the specific information they require, this is an essential reference for anyone studying architectural interiors.

New topics include accessible design basics, computing technologies, fire-resistive construction, fire protection systems, security and communications systems, interior equipment, evidence-based design, and climate considerations. In addition, this second Student Edition offers more material on residential design, is packed with more than 1,300 informative illustrations, and includes the latest coverage for students to find real help understanding the critical material they need for the core classes required by all curriculums.

Additional revisions to this edition include:

  • Updated coverage of sustainable design and materials and ADA Standards for Accessible Design

  • Companion website featuring online resources for students

  • Expert advice and details for designing interior project types including commercial, residential, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, performance, and museum spaces, as well as existing building interiors

Like Interior Graphic Standards Professional Edition, this student edition's Second Edition provides essential specification and detailing information for working inside the structural shell, covering interior partitions and floor systems, updated lighting practices, furnishings, equipment, and wall, floor, and ceiling finishes.

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Table of Contents




Human Factors 3

Anthropometrics and Ergonomics 3

Human Behavior 10

Wayfinding 11

Mapping 11

Wayfinding and Age 11

Signage and Wayfinding Clues 12


Basics of Acoustical Design 13

Sound 13

Frequency 13

Sound Absorption Properties of Materials 13

Room Acoustics 14

Properties of Sound 14

Use of Sound-Absorptive Materials 14

Sound Transmission 15

Transmission Loss 15

Noise Reduction 15

Sound Isolation 15

Impact Noise Reduction 15

Sound Control 17


Accessibility 18

Definitions 18

Accessibility Standards Terms 18

ADA and FHAA Design Requirements 18

Knee and Toe Clearances 19

Reach Limits 20

Protruding Objects 21

Accessible Routes 22

Components of Accessible Routes 22

Location of Accessible Routes 22

Floor and Ground Surfaces 22


Sustainable Design Principles 24

Depletion of Natural Resources 24

Climate Change 24

Principles 25

Design Considerations 25

Sustainability Strategies 25

Energy 25

Lighting and Daylight 25

Water 25

Sustainable Materials 25

Indoor Air Quality 26

Environmental Quality Terms 26

Sick Building Syndrome 26

Personal Control 26

Interior Rating Systems and Certifications 27

U.S. Green Building Council 27

LEED Rating System 27


Evidence-Based Design 29

Computational Research 29

Social Science Research 29

Physical and Natural Science Research 29

Building Codes 29

Codes and Regulations Affecting Interiors 29

International Building Code Provisions 30

Programming 33

Programming Process 33

Contract Documents 34

Contract Documents for Commercial Interiors 34

Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Contracts 34

Detailing Concepts 35

Construction Specifications 37

Computing Technologies 38

Computer-Aided Design and Building Information Modeling 38

Integrated Project Delivery 38

Virtual Collaboration 38

Future Developments 39

Digital Fabrication 39



Substructure 43

Wall Foundations 43

Subgrade Enclosures 43

Slabs on Grade 44

Superstructure 45

Seismic Considerations 45

Superstructure Framing 46

Floor Construction Assemblies 57

Wood Floor Framing 57

Steel Joist Floor Framing 59

Floor Decks and Slabs 60

Roof Construction 62

Roof Types and Framing 62

Shop-Fabricated Wood Trusses 63

Glue-Laminated Construction 64

Roof Decks, and Slabs 65

Attic Ventilation 66

Stairs and Ramps 66

Stairs 66

Handrails, Balustrades, and Guards 69

Ramps 78

Exterior Vertical Enclosures 79

Exterior Wall Weather Barriers 79

Exterior Enclosure Walls 80

Roof Windows and Skylights 87


Fire Resistive Construction 89

Fire-Retardant Wood Treatment 89

Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies 89

Fire-Resistance-Rated Openings 91

Board Fire Protection 93

Penetration Firestop Systems 93

Seismic Considerations 93

Basic Seismic Design 93

Seismic Detailing for Designers 94

Interior Construction Components 95

Gypsum Board Assemblies 95

Concrete Masonry Units 114

Architectural Concrete 116

Stone Walls 117

Glass Unit Masonry 118

Prefabricated Partitions 120

Windows and Glazing 125

Interior Doors 131

Entrances and Vestibules 148

Raised Floor Construction 148

Thermal and Moisture Protection 149

Interior Finishes 150

Interior Specialties 150

Wall Finish Requirements 162

Integral Wall Finishes 163

Wood Wall Finishes 166

Tile Wall Finishes 175

Metal Wall Finishes 181

Wall Surface Coverings 183

Paints and Coatings 188

Floor Design Considerations 190

Hard Flooring 191

Wood Flooring 198

Resilient Flooring 201

Resilient Flooring Installation 204

Carpet, Carpet Tile, and Mats 205

Ceilings 213

Building Services 223

Conveying Systems 223

Plumbing Systems 231

Mechanical Systems 247

Fire Protection Systems 254

Electrical Systems 259

Lighting 265

Communications Systems 272

Security Systems 280


Equipment 283

Toilet and Bath Equipment 283

Vending Equipment 285

Personal Care Equipment 286

Laundry Facilities 288

Teller and Service Equipment 290

Cleaning and Recycling Equipment 292

Furnishings 292

Furnishing Contracts and Tests 292

Textiles for Interior Furnishings 294

Cabinetry and Casework 299

Countertops 306

Art and Accessories 313

Furniture 315

Plantings 318

Window Treatments 321


Commercial Spaces 326

Offices 326

Conference Rooms 343

Residential Spaces 349

Kitchens 349

Furnishings and Equipment 354

Residential Lighting 357

Visitability 358

Aging in Place 359

Continuing Care Retirement Communities 365

Healthcare Facilities 369

Inpatient Hospitals 369

Ancillary Departments 372

Healthcare Casework 379

Healthcare Furniture 381

Retail Spaces 382

Types of Retail Spaces 382

Fixture Placement 382

Retail Equipment 383

Retail Lighting 383

Hospitality Spaces 384

Hotels 384

Restaurants 390

Educational Facilities 402

Early Childhood and Kindergarten 402

Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Schools 404

High Schools 405

Lecture Halls and Auditoriums 410

Libraries 413

Performance Spaces 419

Planning Criteria 419

Performance Equipment 421

Museums 421

Museum Design Considerations 421

Museum Exhibit Casework 421

Museum Lighting 423

Museum Security 425

Athletic and Fitness Spaces 425

Courts, Alleys, and Rinks 425

Gymnastics 426

Table Sports and Darts 427

Fitness Spaces 428

Saunas and Steam Rooms 430

Animal Care Facilities 431

General Design Concept 431

Animal Housing 431

Adoption Facility 434

Existing Building Interiors 435

Historic Preservation, Restoration, and Adaptive

Reuse 435

Existing Hazardous Materials 436

Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste 438

APPENDIX Classical Interior Architectural Elements 439



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Author Information

CORKY BINGGELI, ASID, is principal of Corky Binggeli Interior Design in Arlington, Massachusetts. She received her Master of Interior Design degree from the Boston Architectural College. A past president of ASID New England, Corky is the author of Building Systems for Interior Designers, Second Edition; Materials for Interior Environments; Interior Design: A Survey; Field Guide to Commercial Interiors; and with Francis D.K. Ching, Interior Design Illustrated, Second Edition, all published by Wiley.
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