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Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website

ISBN: 978-0-470-88952-7
360 pages
November 2010
Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website (0470889527) cover image


A helpful book-and-video package for building and maintaining a successful Web site

How do you know that you've done everything possible to create a unique, enriching, and successful Web site, particularly when you're hiring others to do it? With Website Design and Development, you'll feel confident that you’ve exhausted every facet of building a Web site. The clever question-and-answer format walks you through easily overlooked details, acting as a virtual consultant. You’ll get clear, easy-to-follow advice on everything from finding a host, design and layout, creating content, marketing, to staying secure. Each question features a rating as to how critical it is to the welfare of the site, allowing you to pick and choose where to spend your time and money, and the answers contain helpful illustrations as well as action points. In addition, your learning experience is further enhanced by the high-quality accompanying video.

  • Contains professional advice for creating—and maintaining—a successful Web site
  • Features an accompanying video that offers additional examples, commentary, and advice for each question.
  • Lists questions you should ask yourself or your web developer and then presents clear, concise answers as well as helpful checklists
  • Rates each topic as to its importance in the grand scheme of your Web site so that you can determine how to spend your time and money

Website Design and Development answers the essential questions that need to be asked before creating a Web site.

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Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Domain Names 1

1. Have You Thought of a Good Domain Name for Your Website? 2

2. Do You Need Multiple Domain Names? 4

3. How Much Should You Pay for a Domain? 6

4. Do You Know What Makes a Good Domain Registrar? 9

5. Who Will Register Your Domain and in Whose Name? 11

Chapter 2 Web Hosting 13

6. Do You Need to Find a Web Hosting Provider for Your Site? 14

7. What Is the Difference between a Web Hosting Provider and an ISP? 17

8. How Reliable Is the Web Hosting Provider? 19

9. What Kind of Support Does the Web Hosting Provider Offer? 21

10. Does the Web Hosting Provider Have a Good Hosting Control Panel? 23

11. What Type of Server and Which Operating System Do You Require? 26

12. Does Your Website Have Specific Software Requirements? 28

13. How Much Storage Space and Bandwidth Do You Need for Your Site? 30

14. How Much Should You Be Paying for Web Hosting? 33

15. Do You Have a Strong Hosting Username and Password? 35

Chapter 3 E-mail 37

16. Should Your E-mail Be on a Separate Server from Your Website? 38

17. Does Your E-mail Address Use Your Domain Name? 40

18. Can You Easily Manage E-mail through Your Web Hosting Provider? 42

19. Can You Access Your Domain E-mail through a Web Browser? 44

20. Do You Need an E-mail Account or an E-mail Alias? 47

Chapter 4 Design and Layout 49

21. Who Will Design Your Site? 50

22. Will the Design of Your Site Support Your Content or Distract from It? 52

23. Will Your Site Layout Make Your Content Clear? 55

24. What Will Be the Width and Height of Your Website? 58

25. How Will the Design of the Text Make Your Content Clear? 60

26. Will Images Be Used Effectively in Your Design? 63

27. Will Your Design Make Good Use of White Space? 65

28. How Will Your Site Design Use Color? 68

29. Will the Background of Your Site Help Focus the Content or Distract from It? 70

30. How Will Elements within Content Be Set Off from the Body Text? 73

31. Will Your Site Design Display Well in Different Browsers? 76

32. Will Your Site Design Display Well on Mobile Devices? 79

33. Will the Design of Your Site Navigation Complement or Clutter Your Site? 82

34. Will You Be Using Animation in Your Design? 84

Chapter 5 User Experience 87

35. Will Your Navigation Menus Be Easy to Use? 88

36. Will Your Site Load Quickly? 93

37. Will Visitors Easily Know How to Stay in Touch with You? 95

38. Will Your Site Use Popups? 98

39. Will Your Forms Be Easy to Use? 101

40. What Happens If a Page on Your Site Does Not Exist? 104

41. How Easily Will Your Pages Print? 106

42. How User-Friendly Will Your Links Be? 109

43. Will Your Site Have Special Requirements for Certain Features to Work? 111

44. Could You Hide Some Content or Options to Reduce Visual Clutter? 113

45. How Easily Will Visitors Find Important Details Specific to Your Site? 116

46. How Will You Test the User-Friendliness of Your Site? 118

Chapter 6 Construction 121

47. Will Your Site Be Static or Dynamic? 122

48. Will Your Site Be Built with a Content Management System (CMS)? 124

49. Will You Use Tables or Style Sheets to Lay Out Your Site? 126

50. How Effectively Will Style Sheets Be Used on Your Website? 129

51. What Tools Will Be Needed for Building a Site or Its Content? 131

52. Will Your HTML Be Bloated? 134

53. Will Your Site Files Be Clearly Organized? 137

54. Will Your Nontext Files Use the Proper File Types? 140

55. Which Languages Other Than HTML Will You Use to Build Your Site? 143

Chapter 7 Content 145

56. Will Your Content Serve Your Site’s Purpose? 146

57. Will Your Content Be Easily Accessible? 148

58. Will the Content of Each Page Have a Single Focus? 151

59. Will Your Written Content Be Correct, Clear, and Well Structured? 153

60. How Effectively Will Your Content Use Links? 158

61. Will You Effectively Use Images in Your Content? 160

62. How Will You Use Video or Audio in Your Content? 164

63. Will Your Site Use a Splash Page? 167

64. What Content Will Be On Your Home Page? 170

65. What Basic Content Pages Will Be On Your Site? 174

66. Will You Be Blogging On Your Site? 183

67. Will You Be Selling Online? 185

Chapter 8 Marketing and Promotion 191

68. Do You Have a Web Marketing Plan? 192

69. How Will You Build Your E-mail List? 194

70. How Will You Market Yourself Using E-mail? 198

71. How Will You Manage Your Mailing List? 202

72. Which Social Media Will You Use to Promote Yourself? 205

73. How Will You Use Social Media to Promote Yourself? 207

74. How Will You Integrate Your Site with Social Media? 209

75. How Will Your Site Promote Itself? 211

76. Do You Have a Plan for Getting Important Sites to Link to You? 213

77. Do You Have Content You Can Offer to Other Sites? 216

78. Are You Willing to Get in Front of the Public Online or Off? 218

79. Will Paid Online Advertising Be Part of Your Marketing Plan? 220

80. Is Affiliate Marketing Something You Could Use? 225

81. What Free Forms of Advertising and Promotion Will You Use Online? 228

82. How Will You Be Promoting Your Site Offline? 231

83. How Do You Plan to Track Website Visitors and Marketing Results? 233

Chapter 9 Search Engine Optimization 237

84. What Are Your Search Engine Expectations? 238

85. How Do You Plan to Research Useful Keywords for Your Site? 240

86. Will Your Pages Have the Hidden HTML Tags Necessary for Search Engines? 243

87. Will Your Content Be Search Engine–Friendly? 247

88. Will Your Search Engine Strategy Cover Specialty Searches? 252

89. Will Your Links to and from Other Sites Be Search Engine–Friendly? 257

90. Do You Know What Your Site Will Look Like to Search Engines? 261

91. Will the HTML Code for Your Site Be Search Engine–Friendly? 264

92. Will You Need to Hire Anyone to Help Optimize Your Site for Search Engines? 266

Chapter 10 Housekeeping and Security 269

93. How Will You Back Up Your Site? 270

94. Will You Be Regularly Checking Your Site’s Functionality? 277

95. Do You Have a Plan for Updating Site Content? 279

96. Will You Routinely Check Your Contact Information? 282

97. Will You Have Content You Can’t Afford to Have Stolen? 284

98. Will Your Site Administration Be Securely Accessed? 288

99. Will You Be Collecting Sensitive Visitor Information on Your Site? 292

100. How Will You Protect Your Site from Attacks? 295

Appendix A Resources 297

Appendix B Glossary 315

Appendix C What's on the DVD? 331

Index 335

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Author Information

George Plumley has been helping individuals and small-business owners build top-notch websites since 1995, and his outstanding training videos are his signature. He is the author of WordPress 24-Hour Trainer, also published by Wiley.

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