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The Employee Benefits Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Business Owners

ISBN: 978-0-470-91244-7
260 pages
November 2010, Pfeiffer
The Employee Benefits Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Business Owners (0470912448) cover image
Clear, concise, and comprehensive, this essential resource will help managers from HR experts to those with minimal experience with benefits create coherent policies based on a clearer understanding of all employee benefits. Organized by topical area, in an easy to follow question-and-answer format, The Employee Benefits Answer Book includes practical information needed for responding to issues that arise in day-to-day business. Topics discussed include the benefits package, paid time off, enrollment and changes, medical, dental, and vision plan basics; FSAs, transportation, and tuition assistance programs, life insurance and disability, COBRA, and cost control.
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Health Care Reform.

1 The Benefits Package: Why Should I Have a Plan? What Should it Include?

2 Paid Time Off: How Many Vacation Days Do I Have to Give?

3 Enrollment and Changes: How Do I Obtain Information and Communicate Value?

4 Medical Plan Basics: What’s the Difference Between a POS and an HSA?

5 Dental and Vision Plans: Are Checkups and Eye Exams Enough?

6 Choosing and Working With Brokers: How Do I Get the Most Out of the Broker Relationship?

7 Benefits That Save Payroll Taxes: What's Involved in Flexible Spending Accounts, Transportation and Tuition Assistance Plans?

8 Retirement Plans: What Do I Need to Know About Pensions, 401(k) Plans, and Nonqualified Plans?

9 Benefits That Provide Economic Security: Do Employees Expect Life Insurance and Disability?

10 Benefits Buffet: From EAP to Concierge Services What Else Do Employees Want and What Should You Provide?

11 When Employees Leave: How Does Cobra Work and What Else Do I Need to Do?

12 Cost Control: What Can Employers Do to Rein in Benefits Costs?


Resource Guide for Health Reform.

Tools and Templates.

About the Author.


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Rebecca Mazin co-founded Recruit Right to meet employer human resources, staffing and training needs. Rebecca creates human resources policies and procedures, guides implementation, responds to issues and questions and develops and facilitates management and staff training. She writes The HR Answer blog on AllBusiness.com andher articles appear in a wide range of industry and trade journals.

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