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Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-91300-0
288 pages
December 2010
Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media, 2nd Edition (0470913002) cover image
Don't miss the new updated edition of the complete guide to the creative processes behind successful advertising design.

The second edition of Advertising by Design has been developed and greatly expanded. Sill the most comprehensive text on creative concept generation and designing for advertising, the book includes a number of features that make it an effective tool for instructors, students, or anyone interested in this field. This includes a practical approach to generating and designing creative integrated-media advertising for brands, organizations, and causes that encompasses brand-building through engagement, community building, added value, and entertainment.

Fully supplemented with interviews from esteemed creative directors, along with real-world examples, Advertising by Design is both a perfect text for courses that incorporate advertising concepts and design, and a valuable reference for anyone interested in the creative side of advertising.

"While the blank piece of paper is exciting, it can also be a very scary place. Robin Landa has created a valuable tool for jump-starting the creative process across all platforms. This book is a must-read for beginners and seasoned veterans."
-- Paul Renner, EVP Group Creative Director, Arnold Worldwide, Boston

"This is still the quintessential, step-by-step textbook for anyone interested in learning or teaching the fundamentals of advertising."
-- Alan Rado, IADT/Harrington College of Design

"The most enlightening textbook on advertising I've ever seen. A must-read for any student of the ad biz."
-- Drew Neisser, CEO, Renegade

"So perfect for a creative strategist, transformational world. Very few books get it right about the evolution of creative. This one does, from strategy to storytelling to multiple media solutions. And it's still all about doing beautiful work."
-- Deborah Morrison, Chambers Distinguished Professor of Advertising, University of Oregon

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Chapter 1 What is Advertising?

The Purpose of Advertising.

Case Study: Youth Reckless Driving Prevention.

Showcase: “Gotta Love It” by Tom Clark.

Who Creates Advertising?


Chapter 2 The Project Process.

Six Phases.

Case Study: Behind the Scenes: MOMA | Tim Burton Exhibition/Big Spaceship.

Showcase: Bill Schwab: The Gate Worldwide.

Chapter 3 Creative thinking.

Tools that Stimulate Creative Thinking.

Showcase: Interview with Rosie Arnold.


Chapter 4 The Brand Idea.

The Big Idea.

The Brand Idea.

Case Study: Renegade.

Showcase: Interview with Kevin Roberts.

Chapter 5 The Big Idea.

Idea Kickoff: The Six Essential Questions.

Thinking Creatively: More Points of Departure for Conceptualization.

Let's End This Discussion of Idea Generation with a Question.

Chapter 6 Copywriting.

Which Comes First: The Line or the Visual?


Writing Creatively.


The Writing Process.

Feed Your Writing.

Chapter 7 Approaches.

Deconstructing Model Frameworks.

How to Convey the Advertising Message.


Chapter 8 Typography and Visualization.

Designing with Type.



Basics of Visualizing Form.

Integrating Type and Image.

Showcase: Robynne Raye.

Chapter 9 Composition.

What is Composition?

The Basic Compositional Structures.

Basic Design Principles.

Case Study: Schematic Touchwall.

Directing the Viewer Though a Composition.

Multiple Pages and Modularity.

The Grid.

Visual Basics for Screen-Based Media Motion.


Chapter 10 Campaigns and Storytelling.

What is a Campaign, and What Makes It Effective?

Case Study: Mini Covert.


Showcase: The Power of Story.

Grabbing Attention.

Chapter 11 Designing for Print.

Print Basics.

Considerations for Print.

Chapter 12 Designing for Motion, Broadcast, and Broadband.

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors… .

Basics for Screen-Based Media.

Basic Considerations for Motion.

Basic Considerations for TV, Videos, and Web Films.


Motion and Motion Graphics.

Chapter 13 Designing for Web Sites.

Web Sites.

Web Site Basics.

Web Site Development.

Platforms/Owned Media.

Case Study: Digital, “Swaggerize Me”.

Chapter 14 Designing for Mobile Advertising.

Mobile Advertising Basics.

Case Study: Storyboard, Sony Ericsson “Big Screen”.

Considerations for Mobile Advertising.

Case Study: UrbanDaddy | The Next Move iPhone Application.

Chapter 15 Designing for Social Media and Unconventional Marketing.

Considerations for Social Media.

Viral Intent.

Unconventional Advertising.

Considerations for Unconventional Advertising.

Interview with Richard Binhammer.

Case Study: Panasonic “Share the Air” Campaign.




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ROBIN LANDA is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Design at Kean University of New Jersey as well as a Designer, Branding Consultant, and Creative Strategist with her own firm, She is the author of twelve books in addition to being a frequent speaker on the subjects of advertising, graphic design, branding, and creativity.
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