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Dyslexia: A Complete Guide for Parents and Those Who Help Them, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-97374-5
280 pages
June 2011
Dyslexia: A Complete Guide for Parents and Those Who Help Them, 2nd Edition (0470973749) cover image


The new edition of Dyslexia is written for parents of dyslexic children and the professionals who work with them, and provides information on the role parents can play in supporting their dyslexic child. This updated edition contains new material and up-to-date discussions of current research and programs.
  • Empowers parents by providing them with strategies for dealing with a wide range of concerns including dyspraxia and dyscalculia
  • New sections cover post-school issues, the emotional needs of young people with dyslexia and information on how parents can help at home
  • Features information on some of the more popular interventions for dyslexia, and critical evaluations of ‘alternative treatments’
  • Includes first–hand accounts of parents’ hopes, successes and setbacks, and extensive lists of organizations and resources
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Table of Contents

About the author.

Introduction and acknowledgments.

Chapter 1 What is dyslexia?

Chapter 2 Finding out about dyslexia.

Chapter 3 Finding out if my child is dyslexic.

Chapter 4 Learning to read and why it is difficult for children with dyslexia.

Chapter 5 Supporting my child with dyslexia.

Chapter 6 Overlapping difficulties: Dyscalculia.

Chapter 7 Overlapping difficulties: Dyspraxia and dysgraphia.

Chapter 8 Attention difficulties.

Chapter 9 Self-esteem and emotional development.

Chapter 10 Empowering parents.

Chapter 11 Parents’ and children's voices.

Chapter 13 Issues for parents to consider.

Appendix 1 Assessment.

Appendix 2 Programs.

Appendix 3 DSM-IV and DSM-V: Criteria.

Appendix 4 Information: Sources, resources and organizations.

Appendix 5 Selected glossary.



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Author Information

Gavin Reid, is an independent educational psychologist in Vancouver, Canada and a consultant to a number of organisations and charities worldwide. He is the co-founder and director of the Red Rose School for children with specific learning difficulties in Lancashire, UK and was visiting professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Previously he was Senior Lecturer at Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh. He is the author of 25 books including Dyslexia: A Practitioners Handbook (4/e 2009), Dyslexia in Context: Research and Practice (2004) and Dyslexia and Literacy (2002). He has run seminars for parents on dyslexia in over 60 countries and is also the parent of a young man with special needs.
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"The book itself is easy to navigate: chapters are effectively summarised and well sign-posted, the index is comprehensive, and there is a useful glossary ... Gavin Reid's book offers the reader a glimpse of a gold standard, which, sadly, many parents will still not find, even in this post-Rose Review environment." (Dyslexia Review, 2011)

“This updated and expanded edition empowers parents of students with dyslexia! Gavin Reid contributes essential information, support strategies, assessment and effective intervention programmes based on state of the art research and practice. Parents, families, caregivers and professionals will find it a must read.”
Marcia K. Henry, Past-president, International Dyslexia Association

“This book contains everything you need to know about dyslexia, whether you're a weary parent or a perplexed professional. Essential reading for insights into how you can help children with dyslexia achieve their full potential.”
Angela Fawcett, Emeritus Professor, Swansea University, UK

“Dyslexia demystified! Gavin Reid offers a practical and empowering lifeline to parents, and also provides professionals with real answers to very real problems. This book is highly recommended to all those involved with children.”
Stephen Rees, Headmaster of Japari School, Johannesburg

“One of the best qualities of this book is its empowering element for parents who often feel helpless facing their child´s struggles. This book is a win-win situation for parents, teachers and other professionals working with children with dyslexia and their families.”
Iva Strnadova, Senior Lecturer in Special Education, University of New South Wales, Australia

“Recommended for parents and professionals alike, this book is an essential part of the toolkit for supporting children and young people with dyslexia, and provides a wealth of practical wisdom, supports and resources. Gavin Reid delivers a resource that demystifies a complex area.”
Deirdre MacIntyre, Director, Institute of Child Education & Psychology Europe

“Gavin Reid’s updated and expanded guide provides parents of children with dyslexia with a commonsense, concisely-written compendium of practically everything they need to know. An essential tool, not only for parents and families but also for educators, carers and professionals.”
Marilyn Day, Hong Kong Dyslexia Association, Hong Kong

“Gavin Reid confronts the problems surrounding dyslexia with great skill and passion to make this an involving read for parents, educators and professionals alike. Bravo Gavin!”
Patrizia Piccinini,School Teacher and Expert on Specific Learning Difficulties, VI Circolo Didattico, Lucca, Italy

“Gavin Reid is a trusted friend and advisor to parents and teachers of children who learn ‘outside the box’. In this extraordinarily comprehensive guidebook, he explains current research on why some children have difficulties and offers practical suggestions on how to help. This valuable resource should be essential reading for anyone concerned with children's learning.”
Jane M. Healy, Educational Psychologist and author of ‘Different Learners:  Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Your Child's Learning Problems’

“There is no-one better placed than Gavin Reid to provide such a comprehensive, up-to-date and clear guide to dyslexia. He tackles the confusion and controversies that surround this area, and empowers parents to communicate as partners with teachers to achieve the best for each child. His approach is calm, considered and respectful, valuing the range of abilities and also acknowledging the emotional needs of young people with dyslexia. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a child who is, or who might be, dyslexic, and to all who are involved in teaching children and young people.”
Jennie Guise, Chartered Psychologist, DysGuise Ltd, UK

“Informative, engaging and empowering... Gavin’s new book is a must read for all educators and any parent who has a child who learns differently. Gavin’s clear style, unique care, passion and expertise help provide the keys to unlocking the potential of our young people with dyslexia. With his insights and practical recommendations this book will be extremely beneficial in homes, schools and colleges worldwide.”
Mandy Appleyard,Principal Teacher & Educational Consultant, Fun Track Learning Centre, Australia

“Gavin Reid’s humane and informed approach is ever more evident in his second edition. His insights into the difficulties encountered by parents are highly accurate and very helpful as is his advice on how to counter them.”
Craig Dobson, Head of Science, Thames High School, New Zealand

“Gavin Reid has produced a wonderfully written book offering a fresh perspective on dyslexia. A very useful guide, offering clear and concise information, together with invaluable insights, designed to inform and empower parents seeking help for their children. Most certainly a work that I would consider an important addition to all professional libraries.”
Marcia Mann, Founding Fellow and Vice President, Academy of Orton - Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, New York a

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