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A Practical Guide to Mechanical Ventilation

J. D. Truwit (Editor), S. K. Epstein (Co-Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-97664-7
366 pages
May 2011
A Practical Guide to Mechanical Ventilation (0470976640) cover image


A new, case-oriented and practical guide to one of the core techniques in respiratory medicine and critical care.
  • Concise, practical reference designed for use in the critical care setting
  • Case-oriented content is organised according to commonly encountered clinical scenarios
  • Flow charts and algorithms delineate appropriate treatment protocols
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Table of Contents

Part I - Non-invasive Ventilation.

1. NIV introduction.

2. NIV Physiology.

3. NIV Acute Respiratory Dailure COPD.

4. NIV Acute Respiratory Failure CHF.

5. NIV Acute Respiratory Failure other than COPD or CHF.

6. NIV for Chronic Respiratory Failure - COPD.

7. NIV Chronic Repiratory Failure other than COPD.

8. NIVWeaning.

Part II - Invasive Mechanical Ventilation.

1. Respiratory Failure.

2. Airway Management Chapters.

a. Bag-valve-mask ventilation.

b. Endotracheal intubation.

c. Cuff leaks.

d. The Difficult Airway.

e. Emergent Cricothyroidotomy.

3. Ventilator Mechanics.

4.Ventilator Modes.

5. Assessing Lung Physiology.

6.Mechanical Ventilation in Restrictive Lung Disease.

7. Mechanical Ventilation in Obstructive Lung Disease.

8.Ancillary Methods to Mechanical Ventilation.

9.Patient Outcomes post Mechanical Ventilation.

Part III - Discontinuation from Mechanical Ventilation.

1. Definitions.

2. Readiness testing and predictors.

3. Physiologic barriers.

4. Ventilatory modes used during weaning.

5. Extubation.

6. Adjuncts to facilitate weaning.

7. Tracheostomy.

8. Putting it all together: protocols and algorithms.

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"As a respiratory therapist with two decades of intensive care experience, I found this book to be an excellent read and a worthy resource for physicians as well as a terrific review for respiratory therapists." (Doody's, 23 September 2011)


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