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Reflections in Personal Construct Theory

Richard Butler (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-98654-7
452 pages
April 2009
Reflections in Personal Construct Theory (0470986549) cover image


Internationally-renowned practitioners discuss the impact of reflexivity on their work, giving those new to personal construct psychology valuable insights and guidance on managing the therapeutic relationship.

  • Reflexivity is a key methodological issue in psychological theory and practice, and is an area of growing interest
  • International contributors include prominent constructivist psychologists such as Richard Bell and David Winter
  • Will help constructivist therapists to gain a better understanding of the nature of personal constructs from the perspective of both client and therapist
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Table of Contents

List of contributors.



Section I Exploring Personal Construct Theory.

Chapter 1 Coming to terms with personal construct theory (Richard Butler).

Chapter 2 The construct (Harry Procter).

Section II The Men behind the Theory.

Chapter 3 The George Kelly I knew (Jay S. Efran).

Chapter 4 Don Bannister through the looking glass (Fay Fransella).

Section III Construct Theory as a Meaningful Alternative.

Chapter 5 Individuality, community and criminal behaviour (James Horley).

Chapter 6 Shaking hands with a serial killer (David A. Winter).

Chapter 7 Encounters of the puzzling kind: the organisational corollary in relation to self-construing (Richard Butler).

Chapter 8 Sauce for the gander (Sally Robbins).

Chapter 9 Griddled with angst: a roller-coaster ride on the repertory grid (Richard Bell).

Section IV Construct Theory as an Elaborative Choice.

Chapter 10 Living aggressively (Jonathan D. Raskin).

Chapter 11 The guilty choice: reflections on dislodgement, extension and definition (Peter Cummins).

Chapter 12 Different readings of personal construct theory (Trevor Butt).

Chapter 13 The teacher, the singer and the personal construct theorist: an unlikely but fruitful dialogue (Vivien Burr).

Chapter 14 Refl exivity: what in the 'GAK' is that? (Desley Hennessy).

Section V No One Need be a Victim of Their Biography.

Chapter 15 Differentiating the I from the ME (Jerald R. Forster).

Chapter 16 Mirror man (David Green).

Chapter 17 Landmarks on a personal odyssey (Finn Tschudi).

Chapter 18 Reconstruing after a change in health status (örn Scheer).

Chapter 19 Constructions of death and loss: a personal and professional evolution (Robert A. Neimeyer).

Chapter 20 Reflections on the creation of a dissertation (Dennis Hinkle).

Section VI The Client as an Active Participant.

Chapter 21 Enculturing reflexivity across cultures: non-PC lessons from study abroad (Naoimh O'Connor).

Chapter 22 The icing on the sausage: The emancipation of constructive alternativism (Dina Pekkala).

Chapter 23 Theory, therapy and life: experiential personal construct psychology and the 'desert places' of a therapist (Larry M. Leitner).

Chapter 24 Reflexivity, research and practice: explorations in experiential personal construct psychology (Alexandra L. Adame, Anthony J. Pavlo, Brendon M. Smith, Hugo J. Schielke & Larry M. Leitner).

Chapter 25 The joint experiment of research supervision (Beverly M. Walker).

Section VII And Finally . . . Reflections on Reflexivity.

Chapter 26 Critical consciousness in action: reflections on reflection in, from and beyond personal construct psychology (Bill Warren).


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Author Information

Dr. Richard J. Butler is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist formerly with Leeds Primary care Trust in the UK. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and has published extensively in the areas of both clinical psychology and sport psychology. 
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