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Saldo a favor: Intermediate Spanish for the World of Business

ISBN: 978-0-471-00739-5
304 pages
April 1997, ©1997
Saldo a favor: Intermediate Spanish for the World of Business (0471007390) cover image


This practical book focuses on Spanish language composition/conversation and how those skills relate to business communication.
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Table of Contents

Unidad Uno - Personas, personajes, y personalidades.

Unidad Dos - La sociedad hispana y la empresa.

Unidad Tres - La economia y las finanzas.

Unidad Cuatro - El mercadeo y la publicidad en el mundo hispano.

Unidad Cinco - Importaciones y exportaciones: el comercio mundial.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Four-skill Spanish development within the cultural contexts of distinct regions of the Hispanic world.
  • Solid, consistent, and transferable language development within a true Hispanic context that reflects authentic cultural procedures, protocols, and points of view on aspects of the real world of business.
  • Previous knowledge of the world of business.
  • High-interest, contemporary material accompanied by personalized and interactive activities.
  • Authenticity in its approach to Hispanic business from Hispanic (not U.S.) perspectives.
  • Practical orientation to business transactions.
  • Ease of use in its clear explanations and focus on the real world and in its logical development of business-world themes.
  • Saldo a favor is truly learner-based. Each unit opens by drawing out students' previous experiences using the learner's background and perspective as the point of departure. Individual and group activities are balanced: Some activities require personal reflection, individual assessment of perceptions or preconceptions, expression of opinion; others require group interaction and teamwork in brainstorming, consensus-building, role playing, etc.
  • Saldo a favor is culturally contextualized and authentic in perspective and practice. It approaches Hispanic business culture from Hispanic (not U.S.) perspectives to promote more in-depth analysis and deeper understanding of other systems of values. Authentic documents represent the core of each thematically focused unit. Hispanic countries are seen in terms of their own complexity - individually and in their relations with each other, with the U.S., and with other countries of the world.
  • One of the most striking features of Saldo a favor is its careful attention to connected, transferable learning. Within each unit, the three major divisions gradually deepen analysis and application of the unit theme; within each section, the language focus (vocabulary, grammar, writing) and the business culture focus connect and reinforce each other through contextualized presentation and practice. This book recognizes that people forget - especially if they do not consistently use and expand application of previously learned skills and knowledge.
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by Vicki Galloway, Angela Labarca, Elmer A. Rodríguez
September 1998, ©1998, Paperback
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