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Your Hospitality Field Experience: A Student Workbook

ISBN: 978-0-471-05327-9
304 pages
October 1995, ©1995
Your Hospitality Field Experience: A Student Workbook (0471053279) cover image


Make sure your field experience is everything it ought to be with this gold mine of expert tips and guidance

Congratulations! You are about to embark on what will be one of the most exciting (and demanding) phases of your hospitality training—your field experience, including internships, externships, co-ops, and practicums. This is your first chance to acquire real experience in the hospitality industry and begin to develop true professional competence. It can also be your first major professional stepping-stone, providing valuable references and contacts that will help launch your career. This easy-to-use workbook helps you make the most of your internship. Written by authors with more than fifty years combined experience preparing students for careers in hospitality and foodservice management, it helps you land a job that perfectly matches your career goals and ensures that your first professional experience is as educationally enriching as possible.

Here's how it works:

  • A total job-search guide helps you define your career goals, locate prospective employers, write winning resumes, and ace interviews. Comes complete with career goal worksheets, sample resumes, cover and follow-up letters, and many other valuable tools.
  • Introductory Worksheets help you see the big picture of the hotel, restaurant, or foodservice where you will work.
  • Training Goals help you identify all important job functions that you need to learn about during your work experience.
  • Training Guides—comprehensive lists of job-related questions—help you focus your learning; correlate classroom theory with real-world work experience; involve your supervisor in the instruction process; expand your knowledge of the departments where you spend little or no time; and more.

Make sure your field work earns you more than just two credits toward your major with Your Hospitality Field Experience.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting a Job 1

Setting Career Goals 1

Locating Prospective Employers 4

Writing a Resume 5

Writing a Cover Letter 15

So Now What? 17

Taking a Job Interview 17

Ten Tips for a Successful field (Work) Experience 22

Chapter 2 Training Goals and Training guides for Hotels 23

Introduction to Hotels 24

Training Goals - Reservations 28

Training Guide - Reservations 29

Training Goals - Guest Registration and Check-Out 34

Training Guide - Guest Registration and Check-Out 35

Training Goals – Room Cleaning 40

Training Guide – Room Cleaning 41

Training Goals – Laundry 48

Training Guide – Laundry 49

Training Goals – Room Service 51

Training Guide – Room Service 52

Training Goals – Guest Services 54

Training Guide – Guest Services 55

Training Goals – Entertainment and Recreation 58

Training Guide – Entertainment and Recreation 59

Training Goals – Meetings and Conferences 63

Training Guide – Meetings and Conferences 64

Training Goals – Security 69

Training Guide – Security 70

Training Goals – Accounting and Finance 76

Training Guide – Accounting and Finance 77

Chapter 3 Training Goals and Training Guides for Restaurants and Foodservices 83

Introduction to Restaurants and Foodservices 85

Training Goals – Managing Kitchen Operations 90

Training Guide – Managing Kitchen Operations 91

Training Goals – Purchasing 94

Training Guide – The Purchasing Function 95

Training Guide – Purchasing Meat, Poultry, and Seafood 99

Training Guide – Purchasing Produce 102

Training Guide – Purchasing Milk, Dairy, and Eggs 104

Training Guide – Purchasing Baked Goods 106

Training Guide – Purchasing Dry Goods and Frozen Foods 108

Training Guide – Receiving, Storeroom, and Inventory 110

Training Guide – Receiving 111

Training Guide – Storeroom 113

Training Guide – Inventory 115

Training Goals – Cooking 117

Training Guide – Soups and Sauces Preparation 118

Training Guide – Entrée Preparation 121

Training Guide – Vegetables and Starch Preparation 125

Training Guide – Fast Food Cooking 128

Training Guide – Baking 131

Training Guide – Pantry Preparation 134

Training Goals – Managing Dining Room Service 137

Training Guide – Managing Dining Room Service 138

Training Goals – Table Service 141

Training Guide – Dining Room Server 142

Training Guide – Dining Room Attendant 150

Training Goals – Counter Service 153

Training Guide – Counter Service 154

Training Goals – Cafeteria Service 158

Training Guide – Cafeteria Service 159

Training Goals – Cash Handling 163

Training Guide – Cash Handling 164

Training Goals – Beverage Service 167

Training Guide – Bar Service 168

Training Guide – Bar Regulations 174

Training Goals – Wine Service 177

Training Guide – Wine Service 178

Training Goals – Catering 184

Training Guide – Catering 185

Training Guide – Banquet Service 190

Training Goals – Vending 193

Training Guide – Vending 194

Training Goals – Sanitation and Safety 199

Training Guide – General Kitchen Sanitation 200

Training Guide – Dishwashing 204

Training Guide – Potwashing 207

Training Guide – Safety 209

Training Goals – Security 213

Training Guide – Security 214

Training Goals – Accounting and Finance 220

Training Guide – Accounting and Finance 221

Chapter 4 Introductory worksheets for Institutional Foodservices 227

Introduction to Business and Industry Foodservices 228

Introduction to School Foodservice 231

Introduction to Healthcare Foodservice 235

Introduction to College and University Foodservice 246

Introduction to Retirement Community Foodservice 250

Chapter 5 Training Goals and Training Guides for Hospitality Human Resource Management 253

Introduction to Human Resource Management 254

Training Goals – Staffing 256

Training Guide – Staffing 257

Training Goals – Training 264

Training Guide – Training 265

Training Goals – Discipline 268

Training Guide – Discipline 269

Training Goals – Performance Evaluation 274

Training Guide – Performance Evaluation 275

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Author Information

JACK E. MILLER, FMP, is Professor Emeritus and past chair of the Hotel, Restaurant, Chef's Apprentice, and Tourism Program, St. Louis Community College. Mr. Miller is also coauthor of Basic Food and Beverage Cost Control (Wiley).

KAREN EICH DRUMMOND, FMP, RD, is a foodservice consultant and writer. She is also the former coordinator of the HRIM program at Mercer County Community College, Trenton, New Jersey, and author of The Restaurant Training Program (Wiley). Jack E. Miller and Karen Eich Drummond coauthored Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, Second Edition (Wiley).
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