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D'Accord - La Prononciation du Francais Internationale: Acquisition et Perfectionnement

ISBN: 978-0-471-09729-7
320 pages
January 1982, ©1982


Uses the methodology of contrastive analysis to teach French pronunciations to the American student. Contains a systematic, four-stage approach that emphasizes learning sounds, auditory discrimination, articulation, and practice in a communicative context. Compares the phonological systems of French and American English. Provides a detailed discussion of the French spelling system, with clearly stated rules. Includes abundant practice examples throughout.
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Table of Contents

'egalite syllabique.

La place de 'accent.

Les enchaîements consonantiques.

Les liaisons obligatoires.

Le  é caduc.

'intonation Les groupes rythmiques.

La consonne /R/.

La tension des voyelles /i/, /o/.

'absence de diphtongaison.

Les voyelles.

Les semi-consonnes.

Les consonnes.

La é tente consonantique.

Les  é  min é es.

'assimilation consonantique.

'allongement des voyelles accentu é es.

Les enchaîements vocaliques.



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