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Mechanics of Fibrous Composites

ISBN: 978-0-471-10636-4
480 pages
November 1997, ©1998
Mechanics of Fibrous Composites (0471106364) cover image


A comprehensive look at the fundamental principles of the mechanics of composites. This book includes an extensive array of results demonstrating the wide range of possibilities for mechanical and thermal properties of fibrous composites. It includes an introductory chapter on the properties and advantages of fibrous composites and discusses two-dimensional and three-dimensional constitutive equations, lamination theory, test methods, response of polymer matrix and metal matrix composites, interlaminar stresses, failure and damage, laminated tubes, laminated plates and micromechanics.
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Table of Contents

The What and the Why of Fibrous Composites.

Concepts of Solid Mechanics.

3-D Constitutive Equations.

Plane Stress Constitutive Equations.

Lamination Theory.

Test Methods.

Material Response.

Interlaminar Stresses.

Failure and Damage.

Laminated Tubes.



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