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Entrepreneur Magazine: Making Money with Your Personal Computer

ISBN: 978-0-471-10982-2
255 pages
August 1995
Entrepreneur Magazine: Making Money with Your Personal Computer (0471109827) cover image
Let your keyboard unlock the door to financial independence.

Do you dream about being your own boss, breaking free of the 9-to-5 grind, working hard to make yourself rich instead of a company you just work for? If you have a computer (or if you have as little as $1,000 to invest in one) you may already be halfway to your dream. The small-business experts at Entrepreneur Magazine have pulled together everything you need to know to start and run a business built around your personal computer. Inside you'll find business basics, such as how to set up your office, choosing the right legal form for your company, creating a business plan, marketing your products or services, and keeping accurate records. To help you learn the ins, outs and special requirements of computer-based businesses, there is a terrific series of appendices, lists of business resources, technical support phone numbers, specialized software vendors, on-line services, publications, and more. But that's not all!

You'll also get the low-down on two dozen of the hottest computer-based businesses, including:
* Business consulting.
* Electronic clipping services.
* Sports forecasting.
* Mail order.
* Newsletter publishing.
* Word processing.
* And many more.

You'll find detailed information on the hardware and software you'll need, likely start-up costs, and the current market for each of these businesses. You'll discover businesses that allow you to exploit your special skills and others for which hard work and determination are the only requirements. Now you can stop dreaming and start to make your dreams come true, knowing that America's leading experts on small business are there to guide you every step of the way.

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The Computer Revolution.

Purchasing Your Computer Equipment--Hardware and Software.

24 Computer-Based Businesses.

Setting Up Your Office.

Legal Issues.

Getting Money and Maintaining Financial Control.

Recordkeeping and Taxes.

Booting Up for Business.

Marketing Your Services.

Appendix: Resources.


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ENTREPRENEUR Magazine is the banner publication of the Entrepreneur Magazine Group. It has the largest newsstand circulation of any business monthly and has a total ABC audited circulation of 410,000. The Entrepreneur Magazine Group also publishes Business Start-Ups and Entrepreneur in Mexico, as well as videos, audiocassettes, and software that deal with business start-up management.
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