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Modern Nuclear Chemistry

ISBN: 978-0-471-11532-8
704 pages
November 2005
Modern Nuclear Chemistry (0471115320) cover image


Modern Nuclear Chemistry provides up-to-date coverage of the latest research as well as examinations of the theoretical and practical aspects of nuclear and radiochemistry. Includes worked examples and solved problems. 
  • Provides comprehensive information as a practical reference.
  • Presents fundamental physical principles, in brief, of nuclear and radiochemistry.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introductory Concepts.

Chapter 2. Nuclear Properties.

Chapter 3. Radioactive Decay Kinetics.

Chapter 4. Radiotracers.

Chapter 5. Nuclear Forces.

Chapter 6. Nuclear Structure.

Chapter 7. a Decay.

Chapter 8. B Decay.

Chapter 9. y-Ray Decay.

Chapter 10. Nuclear Reactions.

Chapter 11. Fission.

Chapter 12. Nuclear Reactions in Nature: Nuclear Astrophysics.

Chapter 13. Analytical Applications of Nuclear Reactions.

chapter 14. Reactors and Accelerators.

Chapter 15. The Transuranium Elements.

Chapter 16. Nuclear Reactor Chemistry.

Chapter 17. Interaction of Radiation with Matter.

Chapter 18. Radiation Detectors.

Chapter 19. Radiochemical Techniques.

Appendix A: Fundamental Constants and Conversion Factors.

Appendix B: Nuclear Wallet Cards.

Appendix C: Periodic Table of Elements.

Appendix D: List of Elements.

Appendix E: Elements of Quantum Mechanics.


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Author Information

WALTER LOVELAND, PhD, is a Professor of Chemistry at Oregon State University.

DAVID J. MORRISSEY, PhD, is a Professor of Chemistry and faculty member of the National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab at Michigan State University.

GLENN T. SEABORG, PhD (deceased), was a Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, and cofounder and chairman of the Lawrence Hall of Science. He is credited with discovering ten new elements, including plutonium and one that now bears his name, seaborgium. In 1951, Dr. Seaborg and his colleague Edwin McMillan were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research into transuranium elements.

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"...an excellent resource for libraries and laboratories supporting programs requiring familiarity with nuclear processes in biology, chemistry, engineering, and environmental studies..." (CHOICE, May 2006)

"...an authoritative, comprehensive but succinct, state-of-the-art textbook for advanced students as well as a valuable reference source for practicing scientists and engineers." (The Chemical Educator, March/April 2006)

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