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IdeaWise: How to Transform Your Ideas into Tomorrow's Innovations

ISBN: 978-0-471-12956-1
240 pages
March 2002
IdeaWise: How to Transform Your Ideas into Tomorrow


An easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement method for creating new ideas and new products
This book blows the lid off the so-called "idea gurus" by demystifying the creation of great new innovations. It offers readers a way to look at their company's existing products and services in order to transform them into new ideas. Well-known and respected authors Steve Rivkin and Fraser Seitel take readers into the Idea-Scape, a place where innovation is born from existing ideas transformed and manipulated in inventive ways to produce new products and business solutions. Examples of methods outlined include: What can you combine with an existing idea? What can you adapt? How can you put a product to other uses? What can you eliminate? . . . and much more.
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Table of Contents


"But, I'm Not Creative".

Don't Buy the Idea Industry's Blather.

Seek and Ye Shall Find.

Thomas Edison Was Right.

What Could You Substitute?

What Could You Combine?

What Could You Magnify or Minimize?

What Else Could It Be?

What Could You Eliminate?

What Could You Reverse?

What Could You Bring Back?

Generate First, Judge Later.

One Final Word: Cajones.

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Author Information

STEVE RIVKIN, former executive vice president of Trout & Ries, Inc., founded his own marketing consultancy in 1989. His clients include Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, and Tiffany & Co. He is the coauthor with Jack Trout of three books on marketing strategy: Differentiate or Die (Wiley), The Power of Simplicity, and The New Positioning.

FRASER SEITEL has been a communications counselor, lecturer, TV commentator, and teacher for thirty years and is a prominent public relations author. His book, The Practice of Public Relations, is the world?s number one textbook, used by more than 300,000 students at 200 colleges and universities. In 2000, PRWeek named Seitel "one of the 100 most distinguished public relations professionals of the century."
Contact the authors at www.IdeaWiseGuys.com

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"...this book is highly entertaining and readable...excellent read-fun and informative...well worth reading and may stimulate a good deal of thought..." (The Marketing Reviewer, Winter 2002)
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