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Aquaculture of the United States: A Historical Survey

ISBN: 978-0-471-13154-0
372 pages
January 1996
Aquaculture of the United States: A Historical Survey (0471131547) cover image


Aquaculture in the United States is a significant agribusiness industry, but it is also a troubled one whose future is clouded by doubt. Many aquaculture practices, such as deliberately introducing exotic species, hatcheries programs, and pen culture in protected waters have come under intense attack from environmentalists. Economic pressures on the industry from the value of coastal land, the unavailability of suitable supplies of water, and the legal costs of regulations have restricted growth. This book looks at the past, present and future of a troubled industry.
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Table of Contents

The Beginnings of U.S.


A New Science Is Born.

Expanding the Science.

Aquaculture from World War II to 1970.

The Growth Years Following 1970.

Projecting into the Twenty-First Century.


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