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Experiences in Personality: Research, Assessment, and Change

ISBN: 978-0-471-13937-9
240 pages
August 1997, ©1998
Experiences in Personality: Research, Assessment, and Change (0471139378) cover image


This book covering all the standard topics in personality offers readings and active learning exercises. It gives readers the opportunity to become closely involved with the dynamic research and applied issues in the psychology of personality.
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Table of Contents

Studying Personality.

Classical Psychoanalytical Perspective.

Neo-Freudian and Contemporary Psychoanalytical Perspectives.

Trait, Motive, and Need Perspectives.

Genetic and Evolutionary Perspectives.

Behavioral Perspectives Humanistic Perspective.

Cognitive Perspectives.


Active Learning Exercise E.1: A Personal Personality Theory.

Active Learning Exercise E.2: Self-Ratings.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Highly approachable readings complement and extend the professor's primary text.
  • Varied and diverse selections examine the theories, research, and applications in exploring personality.
  • Active learning exercises promote greater involvement with the subject matter.
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