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Advanced Composites Manufacturing

ISBN: 978-0-471-15301-6
600 pages
August 1997
Advanced Composites Manufacturing (047115301X) cover image


A state-of-the-art look at advanced composites processing and manufacturing-from leading academic and industry experts

Advanced Composites Manufacturing combines cutting-edge coverage of the scientific fundamentals of composites processing with an in-depth treatment of the major manufacturing processes for advanced composite materials. Complete with important information on such key issues as new processing areas, manufacturing process control, deformation forming, and cost-control strategies, this unique reference is essential reading for materials scientists, researchers, and engineers across a range of industry sectors. Topics covered include:
* The Processing Science of Reactive Polymer Composites.
* The Processing Science of Thermoplastic Composites.
* The Elastic Deformation of Fiber Bundles.
* Processing of Textile Preforms.
* The Autoclave Processing of Composites.
* Pultrusion of Composites.
* Forming of Advanced Composites.
* Filament Winding Process Model for Thermosetting Matrix Composites.
* Liquid Composite Molding.
* Process Control of Thermosetting Composites.
* Joining of Composites.
* Cost, Automation, and Design .
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Table of Contents

A Brief Introduction to Composite Materials and Manufacturing Processes (T. Gutowski).

The Processing Science of Reactive Polymer Composites (J. Kardos).

The Processing Science of Thermoplastic Composites (J. Muzzy & J. Colton).

The Elastic Deformation of Fiber Bundles (T. Gutowski & G. Dillon).

Processing of Textile Preforms (F. Ko & G. Du).

The Autoclave Processing of Composites (G. Dillon, et al.).

Pultrusion of Composites (J. Fanucci, et al.).

Forming of Advanced Composites (C. Tucker).

Filament Winding Process Model for Thermosetting Matrix Composites (G. Springer).

Liquid Composite Molding (L. Lee).

Process Control of Thermosetting Composites: Context and Review (D. Hardt).

Joining of Composites (A. Benatar, et al.).

Cost, Automation, and Design (T. Gutowski).

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Author Information

TIMOTHY G. GUTOWSKI, PhD, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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