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The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide: Creating an Integrated Management System

ISBN: 978-0-471-15360-3
304 pages
February 1997
The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide: Creating an Integrated Management System (0471153605) cover image


With the establishment of new international standards for environmental management systems (EMS), many managers are faced with the daunting and often bewildering task of creating management systems that enable their companies to conform to these standards. In their haste and confusion, however, many companies implement bureaucratic, ineffective systems that add no real value to their businesses.

The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide: Creating an Integrated Management System shows you how to use the ISO 14001 standard to improve your company's productivity and profitability while meeting registration requirements. Using a practical, business-oriented approach, this authoritative book details the background and development of the ISO 14000 series of standards, fully explains the requirements of 14001, and offers hands-on guidance on how to implement an effective EMS. It highlights common but costly mistakes, and leads you step-by-step through the creation of an EMS that will result in a more competitive business as well as a cleaner environment.

Suzan L. Jackson draws on her experience as an ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 consultant and trainer and as a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 207, which is developing the ISO 14000 environmental management standards. With her insider's perspective, Jackson demonstrates how the implementation of a cohesive, well-defined management system helps cut costs, increase efficiency, and focus energies. In addition, she provides insights into ways of successfully integrating ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and other management systems.

The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide provides a wealth of proven tips, techniques, and tools that help ensure smooth, trouble-free, and efficient EMS implementation, including critical success factors, flowcharts for setting up the elements of an environmental management system, helpful tips, and advice for avoiding common pitfalls.

With its timely, straightforward, and on-target advice, The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide is the definitive, practical guide for environmental and quality professionals and managers who need to develop an environmental management system that will improve business as well as meet the ISO 14001 standard.

"An excellent, and very readable workbook on how to integrate management systems into an organization. ISO 14001 will be an important, but difficult, step into the future for much of U.S. industry--this book should be close at hand for those taking that step."--Dorothy P. Bowers, Vice President, Environmental and Safety Policy , Merck & Co., Inc.

"Suzan Jackson's book provides vital guidance and answers. . . . Her book can be quite helpful to those who are considering establishing a new environmental management system, or those who just want a better understanding of ISO 14001."--John Master, Former Director, Environmental, Health and Safety , ARCO Chemical Co.

"A remarkably easy-to-read, highly authoritative guide to a very complex standard. Suzan Jackson shows us how environmental management and business ,improvement are no longer mutually exclusive goals." --Robin Gildersleeve, President, INFORM (International Forum for Management Systems, Inc.)

Written by a recognized ISO expert and member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 207, which is preparing the ISO 14000 environmental management standard, this invaluable guide shows you how to:
* Learn to use an environmental management system to improve the overall effectiveness and profitability of the company.
* Meet the requirements of ISO 14001.
* Develop and implement a cohesive, well-defined environmental management system.
* Integrate an EMS with other management systems.
* Formulate an environmental policy and draw up strategic plans and objectives for your company.
* Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the system, keep records, and take preventive and corrective action.
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Table of Contents

Partial table of contents:


Introduction to Integrated Management Systems.

ISO 14000 and Environmental Management Systems.

Introducing ISO 14001.


Environmental Policy.

Environmental Aspects.

Legal and Other Requirements.

Environmental Management Program.


Structure and Responsibility.

Training, Awareness, and Competence.

Environmental Management System Documentation.

Operational Control.


Monitoring and Measurement.


Environmental Management System Audit.


Strategic Planning.

Choosing a Registrar.

Implementing Integrated Management Systems.



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Author Information

SUZAN L. JACKSON is the Business Development Manager of Environmental Services at Excel Partnership, Inc., which provides training and consulting services to assist companies in implementing management systems based on the ISO 9000, QS 9000, and ISO 14001 standards. Prior to joining Excel Partnership, Sue worked for DuPont in various roles, including process engineer, product quality coordinator, and ISO 9000/ISO 14000 consultant and trainer. While with DuPont, she assisted over twenty external companies in becoming registered to the ISO 9000 standards, led an effort to guide DuPont sites in integrating process safety and quality management systems, and helped to document corporate environmental management systems. She is an active member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO Technical Committee 207, which is developing the ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards. She holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from Clarkson University and has published numerous articles on the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards.
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