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The Data Model Resource Book: A Library of Logical Data Models and Data Warehouse Designs

ISBN: 978-0-471-15364-1
368 pages
April 1997
The Data Model Resource Book: A Library of Logical Data Models and Data Warehouse Designs (0471153648) cover image


Proven data models that save companies' time and money developing data architectures, databases and data warehouses.

The Data Model Resource Book provides a common set of data models for specific functions common to most businesses, such as sales, marketing, order processing, contracts, shipments, invoicing, work efforts, budgeting, and accounting. Readers can apply more than one data model to their own company to meet specific data needs.

A CD-ROM ,sold separately, contains the SQL for all of the data models contained in the book in Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server and ANSI compatable formats.
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Table of Contents

People and Organizations.


Ordering Products.

Order Delivery and Invoicing.

Work Effort.

Accounting and Budgeting.

Human Resources.

Creating the Data Warehouse Data Model From the Corporate Data Model.

A Sample Data Warehouse Data Model.

Star Schema Designs for Sales Analysis.

Star Schema Designs for Human Resources Analysis.

Using These Models in the Real World.


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Author Information

LEN SILVERSTON (lsilvers@qdbc.com) is President of Quest Database Consulting, Inc. (http://www.qdbc.com), a Denver-based firm specializing in the delivery of database and data warehouse solutions.

W. H. INMON is the acknowledged "father of the data warehouse" and the founder of Pine Cone Systems, a data warehousing company.

KENT GRAZIANO (kgraziana@qdbc.com) is Director of Data Warehouse Services for Quest Database Consulting, Inc.
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Companion Site
Visit the author's other data model resource products page at http://www.wiley.com/go/silverston.
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by Len Silverston, W. H. Inmon, Kent Graziano
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