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Environmentally Friendly Technologies for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Raymond A. Young (Editor), Masood Akhtar (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-15770-0
592 pages
November 1997
Environmentally Friendly Technologies for the Pulp and Paper Industry (0471157708) cover image
Solving the pulp and paper industries' environmental problems is essential to maintaining the forest industry and accommodating the changing economic needs of forest communities. This book explores the construction of new mills--operating on new technology that does not produce pollutants--which are vital to the pulp and paper industry.
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Partial table of contents:

The Need for New Technologies in the Pulp and Paper Industry (M. Akhtar & R. Young) CHEMICAL APPLICATIONS TO PULP AND PAPER PROCESSING.

Developments in Organosolv Pulping--An Overview (H. Hergert).

Catalyzed Alcohol Organosolv Pulping (L. Paszner).

Steam Explosion Pulping (B. Kokta & A. Ahmed).


Taxonomy of Industrially Important White-Rot Fungi (H. Burdsall).

Engineering, Scale-Up, and Economic Aspects of Fungal Pretreatment of Wood Chips (G. Scott, et al.).

Fungal Pretreatment for Organosolv Pulping Dissolving Pulp Production (A. Ferraz, et al.).

Biological Approach for Pulping and Bleaching of Nonwoody Plants (H. Sabharwal).

Bleaching Kraft Pulps with White-Rot Fungi (I. Reid).

Fungal Treatment of Wood Chips to Remove Extractives (C. Breuil, et al.).

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