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National Trust Guide Seattle: America's Guide for Architecture and History Travelers

ISBN: 978-0-471-18044-9
288 pages
February 1998
National Trust Guide Seattle: America


National Trust guides are the most in-depth guides to the history and architecture of U.S. cities ever published. From famous landmarks to little-known places, this fascinating guide takes you on an exciting journey through Seattle's cultural, historical, and architectural treasures.

Walking tours and nearby trips in and around Seattle
* Easy-to-follow maps for each area of the city
* 200 vintage and contemporary photographs
* Listings of national, state, and city landmarks
* Index of museums, calendar of annual events, and more.
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Table of Contents

Downtown Seattle.

East of Downtown.

North of Downtown.

Northwest Seattle.

Northeast Seattle.

Southeast Seattle.

West Seattle.

Nearby Historical Destinations on Puget Sound.


Sources and Suggested Reading.

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