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Gestures: The Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around the World, Revised and Expanded Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-18342-6
256 pages
October 1997
Gestures: The Do


As featured in the New York Times and Reader's Digest "An eye-opener into the pitfalls awaiting the unaware traveler." -Washington Post "Can save the innocent abroad from great gobs of serious trouble." -Chicago Tribune Before you raise your hand to signal the waiter, extend your thumb to hitchhike, or flash the "O.K." sign with thumb and forefinger, Stop! Think of where you are and exactly what you are trying to say-otherwise you could create an international incident. Remember when President Bush thought he was flashing the "V" for Victory sign to cheering Australians? (See inside.) Exploring the ins and outs of body language from head to toe, this newly revised and expanded edition of Roger Axtell's indispensable guide takes you all around the world of gestures-what they mean, how to use them, and when to avoid them. This latest edition includes:
* Updates about the 200 most popular gestures and signals-and dozens of new examples
* New sections covering special gestures-from American Sign Language and tai chi to flirting and kissing
* Information to guide you through gestures country by country-from Switzerland to Japan, Nigeria to the Netherlands
* Amusing anecdotes and helpful hypothetical scenarios
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Table of Contents

The Power of Gestures.

The Most Popular Gestures.

Special Types of Gestures.

Gestures: Head to Toe.

The Ultimate Gesture.

The Innocent Abroad's Shortlist.

Country-by-Country Listing.

Additional Reading.

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Author Information

ROGER E. AXTELL is a popular after-dinner speaker and the bestselling author of seven Do's and Taboos books (all available from Wiley), including Do's and Taboos Around the World and Do's and Taboos of Preparing for Your Trip Abroad. He lives in Wisconsin.
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