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Charge-Transfer Devices in Spectroscopy

J. V. Sweedler (Editor), Kenneth L. Ratzlaff (Editor), B. M. Denton (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-18558-1
406 pages
March 1994
Charge-Transfer Devices in Spectroscopy (0471185582) cover image


This book describes the benefits of using a new type of solid-state multichannel detector, i.e., the charge-transfer device, as it is used for chemical imaging and analysis.
About the authors: M. Bonner Denton, co-editor, is the czar of charge- transfer devices. He is currently President of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy. Jonathan Sweedler, co-editor, is the recipient of many awards recognizing his excellent contributions (publications and patents) in the field of charge-transfer device detectors The publishing of this book coincides with the introduction by numerous commercial vendors of complete spectroscopy systems which include charge-transfer devices (CTD).
This book points to the potential uses of CTD. Essentially CTDs allow chemists to get a great deal more out of their instruments; they allow chemists to avoid false positive (and false negative) results.
CTDs are the future way in all kinds of spectroscopic instrumentation, including Raman, atomic emission and luminescence spectroscopy, atomic source diagnostics, and planar chromatography.
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Table of Contents

From the Contents:
A Brief History of Charge-Transfer Devices/
Principles of Charge-Transfer Devices/
Specialized Readout
Modes and Spectrometers/
Arrays for Detection Beyond One Micron/
Intensified Array Detectors/
Detectors for Planar Separations and Electrophoresis/
CCD Array Detectors for Multichannel Raman
CTD Detection in Analytical Luminescence Spectroscopy/
Two-Dimensional Array Detectors for
Plasma Diagnostics/
CTD Detection in Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
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