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Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis

ISBN: 978-0-471-20346-9
464 pages
October 2002
Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis (0471203467) cover image


An increasing variety of petroleum feedstocks has produced an ever diversifying array of petroleum products. Consequently, new analytical techniques are constantly being developed in order to determine the appropriate applications for these new products. The Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis provides detailed explanations of the necessary standard tests and procedures that are applicable to these products in order to determine the predictability of their behavior.

A companion to James G. Speight’s Handbook of Petroleum Analysis, this book describes the application of methods for determining the instability and incompatibility of petroleum products. More importantly, the Handbook provides details of the meaning of various test results and how they might be applied to predict product behavior. Written in a readable, conversational style that makes the book easy to use, Dr. Speight’s text does not compete with the Annual Book of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standards; instead, the Handbook complements it by explaining the raison d’être of various testing methods, making a case for standardizing protocols across international boundaries. Chapters include:

-Aviation Fuel
-Distillate Fuel Oil

Chemists and engineers in the refining industry, as well as students, will find Dr. Speight’s Handbook to be an accessible, invaluable guide to understanding the methods for analyzing petroleum products.

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Table of Contents


Petroleum Analysis.

Petroleum and Petroleum Products.




Aviation Fuel.


Diesel Fuel.

Distillate Fuel Oil.

Residual Fuel Oil.

Mineral Oil (White Oil).

Lubricating Oil.





Conversion Factors.


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Author Information

JAMES G. SPEIGHT, PhD, is the author and editor of twenty-five books and bibliographies related to fossil fuel processing and environmental issues, including the companion volume, Handbook of Petroleum Analysis, also published by Wiley.
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