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Mastering JSP Custom Tags and Tag Libraries

ISBN: 978-0-471-21303-1
432 pages
February 2002
Mastering JSP Custom Tags and Tag Libraries (0471213039) cover image


Developed by the open source community to make writing JavaServer Pages (JSP) faster and easier, JSP custom tags give Java developers the ability to insert XML style tags, representing complex business logic, into a JSP. This code is reusable and can help to simplify and reduce the amount of original code that needs to be written.
* James Goodwill is a well-respected authority and bestselling author of books on Java Web applications
* Provides a hands-on, code-intensive guide for building and using custom tags to create enterprise-strength JSP applications and examines the concepts and techniques needed to build sophisticated Web applications
* Companion Web site contains the JSP, servlet, and custom tag code found in the book
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Table of Contents


About the Author.


Part I: Creating Custom Tag Libraries.

Chapter 1. Introducing JSP Custom Tags and Web Applications.

Chapter 2. Configuring and Testing the Web Application Environment.

Chapter 3. Java Servlet Overview and Architecture.

Chapter 4. JSP Overview and Architecture.

Chapter 5. Simple Tags.

Chapter 6. Tags with Bodies.

Chapter 7. Scripting Variables and Tag Validation.

Chapter 8. Iteration Tags.

Chapter 9. Cooperating Tags.

Part II: Apache Jakarta Taglibs.

Chapter 10. Apache Jakarta Taglibs Project.

Chapter 11. Request Tag Library.

Chapter 12. Response Tag Library.

Chapter 13. Page Tag Library.

Chapter 14. Session Tag Library.

Chapter 15. Application Tag Library.

Chapter 16. Datetime Tag Library.

Chapter 17. DBTags Tag Library.

>Chapter 18. Scrape Tag Library.

Chapter 19. Logging Tag Library.

Chapter 20. Mailer Tag Library.

Chapter 21. Random Tag Library.

Chapter 22. Regular Expression Tag Library.

Part III: Sun's JSP Standard Tag Library.

Chapter 23. JSP Standard Tag Library Project (JSTL).

Chapter 24. Expression Language and Tags.

Chapter 25. Conditional Tags.

Chapter 26. Iterator Tags.

Chapter 27. Import Tags.

Chapter 28. SQL Tags.

Part IV: Appendix.

Appendix A: Tag Library APIs.

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Author Information

JAMES GOODWILL is the cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at Virtuas Solutions, LLC, located in Denver, Colorado. He has extensive experience in designing and architecting e-business applications. James is also the author of Developing Java Servlets, Pure JavaServer Pages, and Apache Jakarta-Tomcat, all of which provide thorough examinations of the design and development of Java Web application technologies. James is currently leading Virtuas's efforts in developing cutting-edge tools designed for J2EE e-business acceleration.
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Companion Site
Visit the Companion Site.
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