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Network Services Investment Guide: Maximizing ROI in Uncertain Times

ISBN: 978-0-471-21475-5
320 pages
January 2003
Network Services Investment Guide: Maximizing ROI in Uncertain Times (0471214752) cover image
  • This first-ever valuation guide shows how to select and manage network-based services to ensure maximum return on investment
  • Explains how to manage the costs and tradeoffs between distributed and centralized management structures
  • Shows how to avoid risking too much for too little return due to unpredictable overall market conditions
  • Covers network-based services such as Internet access, application management, hosting, voice and data services, and the new breed of SOAP/XML Web services
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Books in Series.

Foreword: Networking Council Foreword.

Chapter 1. Introduction.


Chapter 2. Network-Based Services.

Chapter 3. Internet End-2-End Argument.

Chapter 4. Management Structure of Network-Based Services.

Chapter 5. Intuitive View of Options Theory.

Chapter 6. Market Uncertainty.

Chapter 7. Theories about How to Manage Network-Based Services.


Chapter 8. Email Case Study.

Chapter 9. Basic Voice Services.


Chapter 10. Voice over IP: SIP and Megaco.

Chapter 11. Coexistence of 802.11 and 3G Cellular: Leaping the Garden Wall.

Chapter 12. Web Applications and Services.

Chapter 13. Conclusion and Advice to Readers.

Appendix: A Formal Theory and eal Options-Based Model.



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MARK GAYNOR is Assistant Professor of Information Science at Boston University. He recently received his PhD from Harvard in computing

science (networking group) and spent the last two years working with worldwide technology experts on network service valuation strategies. Gaynor is the author of several articles on ATM networks, standards, and computer aided education. He is a member of ACM and IEEE.

Networking Council Books put technology into perspective for decision-makers who need an implementation strategy, a vendor and out- sourcing strategy, and a product and design strategy. The series advisors are three of the most influential leaders of the networking community:

LYMAN CHAPIN-Founding Trustee of the Internet Society and former Chief Scientist for NextHop Technologies and Chief Scientist at BBN Technologies
SCOTT BRADNER-Senior Consultant for Harvard University, Transport Area Director IETF, trustee of the Internet Society, and ISOC VP of Standards
VINTON CERF-Senior Vice President for Internet Architecture and Technology at WorldCom, founding President of the Internet Society, and co-inventor of TCP/IP
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