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Handbook of Weather, Climate and Water: Dynamics, Climate, Physical Meteorology, Weather Systems, and Measurements

ISBN: 978-0-471-21490-8
993 pages
August 2003
Handbook of Weather, Climate and Water: Dynamics, Climate, Physical Meteorology, Weather Systems, and Measurements  (0471214906) cover image


This comprehensive, two-volume review of the atmospheric and hydrologic sciences promises to be the definitive reference for both professionals and laypersons for years to come. Volume I addresses atmospheric dynamics, physical meteorology, weather systems, and measurements, while Volume II contains information on the climate system, atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, and societal impacts.
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Table of Contents


Dedication and Acknowledgments.



1. Overview-Atmospheric Dynamics (Joseph Tribbia).

2. Fundamental Forces and Governing Equations (Murry Salby).

3. Circulation, Vorticity, and Potential Vorticity (Paul Kushner).

4. Extratropical Atmospheric Circulations (Kyle Swanson).

5. Tropical Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere (Gerald Meehl).

6. Turbulence (Jackson R. Herring).

7. Predictability And Chaos (Jeffrey B. Weiss).

8. Historical Overview of Numerical Weather Prediction (Eugenia Kalnay).


9. Overview: The Climate System (Robert E. Dickinson).

10. The Ocean in Climate (Edward S. Sarachik).

11. Processes Determining Land Surface Climate (Gordon Bonan).

12. Observations of Climate and Global Change from Real-Time Measurements (David R. Easterling and Thomas R. Karl).

13. Why Should We Believe Predictions of Future Climate? (John Mitchell).

14. The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (Enso) System ( Kevin Trenberth).


15. Physical Atmospheric Science (Gregary Tripoli).

16. Atmospheric Thermodynamics (Gregary Tripoli).

17. Thermodynamic Analysis in The Atmosphere (Amanda Adams).

18. Microphysical Processes in The Atmosphere (Robert M. Rauber).

19. Radiation in The Atmosphere: Foundations (Robert Pincus and Steven A. Ackermann).

20. Radiation in The Atmosphere: Observations and Applications (Steven A. Ackermann and Robert Pincus).

21. Clouds (A. Rangno).

22. Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning (Walter A. Lyons and Earle R. Williams).

23. Weather Modification (Harold D. Orville).

24. Atmospheric Optics (Craig F. Bohren).


25. Overview for Weather Systems (John W. Nielsen-Gammon).

26. Large-Scale Atmospheric Systems (John Nielsen-Gammon)

27. Winter Weather Systems (John Gyakum).

28. Terrain-Forced Mesoscale Circulations (John Horel).

29. Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes (H. Brooks, et al.).

30. Tropical Precipitating systems (Edward J. Zipser).

31. Hurricanes (Frank D. Marks, Jr.).

32. Modern Weather Forecasting (Lawrence B. Dunn).


33. Overview (Thomas J. Lockhart).

34 Challenges of Measurements (T. Lockart).

35. Measurement in The Atmosphere (John Hallett).

36. Instrument Development in The National Weather Services (Joseph W. Schiesl).

37. Consequences of Instrument and Siting Changes (Joseph W. Schiesl and Thomas B. Mckee).

38. Commercial Response to Measurement Needs: Development of Wind Monitor Series of Wind Sensors (Robert Young).

39. Commercial Response to Measurement System Design (Alan L. Hinckley).

40. Design, Calibration, and Quality Assurance Needs of Networks (Scott J. Richardson and Fred V. Brock).

41. Data Validity in the National Archive (G. W. Goodge).

42. Demands of Forensic Meteorology (W. H. Haggard).

43. Surface Layer In Situ or Short-Path Measurements for Electric Utility Operations (Robert N. Swanson).

44. Independent Auditing Aspects Of Measurement Programs (R.A. Baxter).

45. Regulatory Approaches to Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs (Paul M. Fransoli).

46. Measuring Global Temperature (John R. Christy).

47. Satellite Versus In Situ Measurements at the Air-Sea Interface (Kristina B. Katsaros).

48. Radar Technologies in Support of Forecasting And Research (Josh Wurman)

49. Basic Research for Military Applications (W. D. Bach).

50. Challenges of Snow Measurements (Nolan J. Doesken).

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