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Patterns in Java: A Catalog of Reusable Design Patterns Illustrated with UML, 2nd Edition, Volume 1

ISBN: 978-0-471-22729-8
592 pages
October 2002
Patterns in Java: A Catalog of Reusable Design Patterns Illustrated with UML, 2nd Edition, Volume 1 (0471227293) cover image


"This is the best book on patterns since the Gang of Four's Design Patterns. The book manages to be a resource for three of the most important trends in professional programming: Patterns, Java, and UML."
—Larry O'Brien, Founding Editor, Software Development Magazine

Since the release of Design Patterns in 1994, patterns have become one of the most important new technologies contributing to software design and development. In this volume Mark Grand presents 41 design patterns that help you create more elegant and reusable designs. He revisits the 23 "Gang of Four" design patterns from the perspective of a Java programmer and introduces many new patterns specifically for Java. Each pattern comes with the complete Java source code and is diagrammed using UML.

Patterns in Java, Volume 1 gives you:

  • 11 Behavioral Patterns, 9 Structural Patterns, 7 Concurrency Patterns, 6 Creational Patterns, 5 Fundamental Design Patterns, and 3 Partitioning Patterns
  • Real-world case studies that illustrate when and how to use the patterns
  • Introduction to UML with examples that demonstrate how to express patterns using UML

The CD-ROM contains:

  • Java source code for the 41 design patterns
  • Trial versions of Together/J Whiteboard Edition from Object International (www.togetherj.com); Rational Rose 98 from Rational Software (www.rational.com); System Architect from Popkin Software (www.popkin.com); and OptimizeIt from Intuitive Systems, Inc.
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Table of Contents


About the Author.

Introduction to Software Patterns.

Overview of UML.

The Software Life Cycle.

Fundamental Design Patterns.

Creational Patterns.

Partitioning Patterns.

Structural Patterns.

Behavioral Patterns.

Concurrency Patterns.

Appendix: Overview of Patterns in Java, Volumes 1 through 3.


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Author Information

MARK GRAND is an Atlanta-based consultant with over twenty-three years of experience in distributed systems, object-oriented design, and Java. He is currently working on an open source framework for gluing components and programs into an application. He is also the author of Patterns in Java, Volume 2 and Java Enterprise Design Patterns (both from Wiley).
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Companion Site
Visit the book's web site here http://mgrand.home.mindspring.com. This site includes the code for the book.
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