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Mastering Tomcat Development

ISBN: 978-0-471-23764-8
512 pages
October 2002
Mastering Tomcat Development (0471237647) cover image


Learn how to use Tomcat to quickly build more sophisticated Web applications

This comprehensive introduction to developing complex Web applications using Tomcat and related Apache Jakarta technologies examines everything you need to know about Tomcat 4—the popular, award-winning server for implementing and deploying servlets and JavaServer Pages. Tomcat helps developers create dynamic Web content without the problems associated with other methods, like CGI scripts. Author Peter Harrison has written the first book to cover Tomcat from a developer's perspective. He shows you how to use Tomcat by itself as well as with related Apache Jakarta technologies to develop dynamic Web applications, and you'll also learn techniques for improving your programming productivity.

This practical, guide is packed with source code and examples of real-world Web applications. Plus, you'll discover other exciting features of Tomcat, including:

  • A code-intensive guide to building Web applications that run on Tomcat
  • Details on using other Apache Jakarta technologies-including Struts, Taglibs, Velocity, and CVS-with Tomcat to form a comprehensive Java Web development process
  • Complete guidelines for installing, configuring, and administering Tomcat, including coverage of the new Manager application and Web application deployment process

The companion Web site contains:

  • All source code from the book
  • Working demonstrations
  • Links to additional resources
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Table of Contents


About the Authors.



Chapter 1. Introduction to Tomcat.

Chapter 2. Installing Tomcat.

Chapter 3. Configuring Tomcat.

Chapter 4. Hello World Wide Web.

Chapter 5. Anatomy and Life Cycle of a Servlet.

Chapter 6. Configuring Web Applications.

Chapter 7. The server.xml File in Depth.

Chapter 8. Managing Authentication with Realms.

Chapter 9. The Manager Application.

Chapter 10. The Model-View-Controller Architecture.


Chapter 11. JavaServer Pages.

Chapter 12. Tag Libraries.

Chapter 13. MVC with Struts.

Chapter 14. Template Systems.

Chapter 15. Session Management.

Chapter 16. Databases, Connection Pools, and JDBC.

Chapter 17. Database-Aware Objects.

Chapter 18. Security.

Chapter 19. The Development Cycle.

Chapter 20. Developing Web Applications with Ant and XDoclet.

Appendix A. Server Configuration (server.xml) Reference.

Appendix B. The Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) Reference.

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Author Information

PETER JOEL HARRISON is Senior Developer for Customer Information Technologies, focusing on developing Java applications with servlets and JSP. Harrison is also a Webmaster for DevCentre.org, a resource for Java open source developers.

IAN MCFARLAND is president of NEO Ventures, a software consulting company that specializes in Java Web application development. Ian worked with Ted Nelson on the famous Xanadu system and helped launch Hotwired.
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“…at last I will be saved from drowning! Well-written and easy to understand…” (MCSE Magazine, 20 march 2003)


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Companion Site
Visit the Companion Site.
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