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Phase-Lock Basics

ISBN: 978-0-471-24261-1
520 pages
August 1998
Phase-Lock Basics (0471242616) cover image
A versatile and immensely useful introduction to phase-locked loops. Phase-Lock Basics is a broad-based, hands-on text, designed to be both easy to understand and easy to customize. The text can be used as a theoretical introduction for graduate students or, when used with MATLAB simulation software, the book becomes a virtual laboratory for working professionals who want to improve their understanding of the design process and apply it to the demands of specific situations. The description of second-order phase-locked loops is very thorough, covering all practical variations with formulas, graphs, worked examples, problem sets, and MATLAB simulation exercises, and forming a basis that is extended into an understanding of more complex loops.

Other features include:

Introduction to loop components, stability, responses, and performance in the presence of noise
MATLAB simulation software and other design aids written explicitly to correspond with the text
Access to an Internet site that corresponds with the text so that curves can be downloaded, duplicated, or modified
Scores of multicurve figures that illustrate various loop responses
Summary of acquisition formulas for second-order loops
A four-page table of CW, AM, and FM signals in multiple representations.
Phase-Lock Basics is an important reference for professional analog and digital circuit designers. It also provides a complete and satisfying learning experience for graduate electrical engineering students.

**NB: Please note the correct number for Wiley technical support for the FTP site is 317-572-3994.

An Instructor Support FTP site is available from the Wiley editorial department.
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The Basic Loop.

Loop Components.

Loop Response.

Loop Stability.

Transient Response.

Modulation Response.


Acquisition Aids.

Applications and Extensions.


Phase Modulation by Noise.

Response to Noise Modulation.

Representation of Additive Noise.

Loop Response to Additive Noise.

Phase-Locked Loop as a Demodulator.

Parameter Variation Due to Noise.

Nonlinear Operation Due to Noise in a Locked Loop.

Cycle Skipping Due to Noise.

Acquisition Aids in the Presence of Noise.

Further Studies.


Answers to Problems.

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WILLIAM F. EGAN, PhD, has been a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University for 21 years, while working first as a senior technologist at GTE Government Systems and then as Principal Engineer at TRW ESD. He is the author of Frequency Synthesis by Phase Lock (Wiley).
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Author's websiteWilliam F. Egan's Web site
Supplemetary FilesDownload MATLAB-based supplemtary software
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