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Market Driven Enterprise: Product Development, Supply Chains, and Manufacturing

ISBN: 978-0-471-24492-9
528 pages
December 2000
Market Driven Enterprise: Product Development, Supply Chains, and Manufacturing (0471244929) cover image


A complete handbook on a critical issue for today's business leaders-how to improve customer satisfaction, control costs, and maximize profits

Producing a product or service to heighten customer satisfaction-and doing so cost effectively-do not have to be mutually exclusive objectives. With Market Driven Enterprise, Amiya Chakravarty presents a state-of-the-art, clearly designed framework for responding to market forces while keeping total costs in check.

The book's twelve chapters are divided into three sections: interfaces and decision-making in an enterprise, product design and time-to-market, and responsive supply chains and manufacturing. A generous supply of real-world examples and more than 200 illustrations enhance the book's readability-as does its detailed table of contents breaking down each chapter into subsections for quick reference. Some of the book's most valuable features include:
* An analysis of the entire product development and manufacturing processes in light of customer needs
* An innovative treatment of digitally connected supply networks and new business models
* A focus on the optimization of manufacturing and marketing processes for greater managerial insights leading to the highest potential profit
* Coverage of the most vital management techniques and philosophies-concurrent engineering and quality function deployment, manufacturing flexibility, information transparency, collaboration, and the virtual enterprise-and their relationship to the market-driven manufacturing process
* Mathematical models for product-platform, product launch, supply-chain coordination, and market-driven manufacturing

For students and professionals in business and engineering, production and operations management, marketing, or production and design engineering, Market Driven Enterprise is an essential handbook. Anyone whose business is striving to attain an optimal position in a demanding marketplace will find it an excellent place to start.
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Table of Contents





Domain and Process Views of an Enterprise.

Manufacturing Marketing Interface.

Knowledge Organization for Domain Decisions.


Marketing Approaches to Product Design.

Design Engineering.

Concurrent Mapping of Product Features.

Product Platform and Variety.

Product Realization.


The Extended Enterprise: A Supply Chain Perspective.

Electronic Chains of Suppliers and Customers.

Supply Chain Models.

Responsive Manufacturing.

Subject Index.

Author Index.
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Author Information

AMIYA K. CHAKRAVARTY is the J. F. Seinsheimer, Jr. Professor of Operations and Technology Management at the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. His work experience with companies includes Lucent Technologies, Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, and Tata Consultancy Services.
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