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Java Programming with CORBA, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-24765-4
528 pages
March 1998
Java Programming with CORBA, 2nd Edition (0471247650) cover image


Create industrial-strength enterprise applications using Java and CORBA

Java developers, here's your chance to quickly master the skills you need to create powerful, CORBA-based business applications that interact with objects located anywhere on a network or the Internet, regardless of differences in operating systems or languages.

With this second edition, experts Vogel and Duddy have written two books in one: the first is a step-by-step introduction to programming with Java ORBs; the second is a solutions guide that provides detailed examples and design patterns for next-generation, Internet-based distributed systems. The authors provide many real-world examples to illustrate programming techniques, including complete code samples (not just snippets).

This completely updated and revised Second Edition features new and expanded coverage of:
* CORBA 2.1
* Java IDL
* Such advanced features as DII, DSI, and ANY
* CORBA Services for Naming, Trading, Events, and Security
* CORBA Beans
* Proven design patterns for Internet-based applications based on extensive, real-world project experience.

All examples are written using the Visigenic Visibroker ORB, but the techniques shown will work with any ORB you choose. Code and patterns are provided in source form in the book; complete source code is provided on the companion website.

Java Programming with CORBA, Second Edition gets you up to speed on what you need to know to satisfy the growing demand for fully interoperable, distributed, object-oriented enterprise applications.

On the book's companion website -www.wiley.com/compbooks/vogel-you'll find:
* All code from the book, ready to download
* Sample ORBs, including Visibroker.
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Table of Contents

Benefits of Java Programming with CORBA.

CORBA Overview.

Java Overview.

Overview of Java ORBs.

A First Java ORB Application.

OMG IDL to Java Mapping.

ORB Run-Time System.

Discovering Services.

Building Applications.

Advanced Features.



Performance, Scalability, and Maintenance.

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Author Information

ANDREAS VOGEL is a Senior Consultant with Visigenic Software, Inc. in San Mateo, California. His work is focused on architecture and design of CORBA-based solutions. Andreas is a frequent speaker, panelist, and trainer at major conferences worldwide.

KEITH DUDDY is a Senior Research Scientist at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre in Brisbane, Australia. He is involved in both distributed systems research and CORBA training and consulting. Both authors are active members of OMG and have co-authored a number of CORBA Service specifications.
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Companion Site
View the companion site.
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