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Digital Literacy

ISBN: 978-0-471-24952-8
276 pages
April 1998
Digital Literacy (0471249521) cover image


"Readers leery of ramping onto the information highway and surfers suffering Internet overload will value the solid advice supplied by Gilster." --Booklist.

"Paul Gilster's intelligent, sobering look at the Internet is a breath of fresh air." --Amazon.com

"This book sheds light on the skills that Web surfers need to separate the digital garbage from the golden nuggets of good data. It's a good place to start for adult newcomers to the information highway." --Courant

Now in paper! Digital Literacy provides Internet novices with the basic thinking skills and core competencies they'll need to thrive in an interactive environment so fundamentally different from passive media.

PAUL GILSTER (Raleigh, North Carolina) is the author of The Web Navigator and Finding It on the Internet which have sold over 200,000 copies.
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Table of Contents

Literacy for the Internet Age.

The Nature of Digital Literacy.

An Internet Day.

Content Evaluation.

From Hypertext to Context.

Searching the Virtual Library.

Knowledge Assembly.

A Future for the Digitally Literate.


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Author Information

PAUL GILSTER is a professional writer who discovered the power and potential of the Internet early on. He has shared his considerable insight and ability to transform technobabble into a language we all can understand and speak--with users around the world.
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