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The Embryonic Human Brain: An Atlas of Developmental Stages, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-25450-8
464 pages
September 1999
The Embryonic Human Brain: An Atlas of Developmental Stages, 2nd Edition (0471254509) cover image


As a wholly unique atlas and the only book specializing on the prenatal human brain during both the embryonic and fetal periods, this updated version of The Embryonic Human Brain: An Atlas of Developmental Stages provides the latest information on human development with more than one hundred new pages and sixty additional illustrations. Written by one of the world's foremost authorities in the field of human embryology, this monograph gives professionals up-to-date, detailed drawings and texts based on three-dimensional reconstructions of varied morphological processes of the brain.

Clearly written and detailed, this Second Edition presents the most accurate photographs, drawings, and photomicrographs of the human brain, including lateral views and median reconstructions of the brain at each stage, with revised tables and ages conforming with the most current ultrasonic findings in the field. The Embryonic Human Brain: An Atlas of Developmental Stages, Second Edition contains essential information on the embryonic period proper (the first eight postovulatory weeks) by providing:
* New figures on arteries, based on the well-known studies of Padget
* Over 300 figures of the embryonic and fetal human brain
* The latest information concerning the cerebellum in both the embryonic and fetal periods, with special attention paid to hippocampal formation
* An expanded account of the fetal period, emphasizing continuity of development, with supplemental postnatal images
* A timely, expanded bibliography, and new appendices relating to median features, tracts, and the rhombencephalon

The Embryonic Human Brain: An Atlas of Developmental Stages, Second Edition is an authoritative and indispensable resource for neuroscientists, developmental biologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons, and is an essential handbook on current knowledge of human development for psychiatric and psychological professionals worldwide.
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Table of Contents

Partial table of contents:

Historical Aspects.


Prenatal Measurements.

Embryonic Staging.

Prenatal Age.

Terminology and Definitions.

Early Stages.

Stage 9:The Major Divisions of the Brain.

Stage11: Closure of the Rostral Neuropore.

Stage 14: The Future Cerebral Hemispheres.

Stage 16: Evagination of the Neurohypophysis.

Stage 17: The Future Olfactory Bulb and the First Amygdaloid Nuclei.

Stage 22: The Internal Capsule and the Olfactory Tract.

Stage 23: The Brain at the End of the Embryonic Period.

Trimester 2.

Early Postnatal Life.



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"The new edition is a really beautiful and wonderfully informative book that no embryologist, comparative anatomist, paediatric nuerologist or neurosurgeon should be without. Putting aside the medical relevance of this atlas, it also provides the most captivating version of one of the most complex and fascinating embryological stories of all." --Robert M. Santer, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK Reviewed in Brain, 2000, 123:1534-1535
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