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Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer's Choice

ISBN: 978-0-471-26373-9
245 pages
October 2002
Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer


Take a Tour Through the Mind of a Shopper

"What's my test of a book I've been asked to review? Pure selfishness. How intense are the underlinings? How many quotes can I add to my presentations? How often are the things I believe 'for sure' effectively challenged? Phil Lempert's Being the Shopper is off the charts on all three counts. And not-so-incidentally, though Phil is a 'supermarket guru,' this book will inform anyone who markets anything."
--Tom Peters, coauthor, In Search of Excellence

"Being the Shopper is gourmet reading . . . a delicious and healthy resource for the smart shopper and forward-thinking marketer. Set your taste buds for Lempert's cutting-edge insights and pragmatic advice on the one experience we all share!"
--Chip Bell, author, Customer Love and Customers as Partners

"Phil Lempert convinces me I'm something called a consumer. It seems I'm obtuse, savvy, sensual, and picky-- and that my dynamics and demographics are constantly changing. So if you want me to buy something, you ought to try and understand me. reading Being the Shopper seems (to me) a real good place to start."
--Barry Gibbons, former Chairman/CEO of Burger King
author and entrepreneur

"Rarely do you come across a book that's as meaningful to students and 25-year marketers alike. Being the Shopper delivers to both audiences by enlightening the reader on how to approach critical issues if you want to succeed in today's incredibly demanding environment. It's easy to talk about listening to the voice of your customer, but Mr. Lempert provides a refreshing guide as to how you really can do it."
--Brian Perkins, Worldwide Chairman, Consumer Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals Group, Johnson & Johnson

"Is there anything more American than choice? We expect it, we demand it, we revel in it. Phil Lempert understands what your customers really want, and how you can help them find it."
--Steve Rivkin, President, Rivkin & Associates
coauthor, IdeaWise and Differentiate or Die
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why "Being the Shopper" Is So Important.

The Consumer Today.


Selling in a Diverse Economy.

The Shopping Experience.

Defining and Meeting Your Shoppers' Priorities and Needs.


e-Revolution Becomes e-Evolution.

Identifying Your Shopper.

What Do You Do after They Buy?

Is Your Message Getting Through?


Forget the 4Ps!

Getting Value to Shoppers.

Putting Nature's Gifts to Work.


What Your Shopper's Nose Knows.

What Your Shopper's Eyes See.

Lights, Music...Action.


Diet for Health or Diet for Appearance?

The Dos and Don'ts of Marketing Health Claims.

Conclusion: A Marketing Philosophy to Share.

A Marketing Time Line of Key Supermarket Events in the Twentienth Century.


About the Author.

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Author Information

PHIL LEMPERT has gained wide acclaim for his marketing savvy and broad experience in the food and marketing worlds. A distinguished speaker, he has addressed more than 600,000 people in the past decade alone. Known as the Supermarket Guru, he is widely respected for his ability to predict and analyze trends. He is the food editor and correspondent for NBC News's Today show, host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Shopping Smart," and a correspondent for BBC Radio 5 Live and Public Radio's KCRW-FM. Lempert has been a columnist for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times and is currently the editor of The Lempert Report and Supermarketguru.com, one of the leading Internet resources for food, health, and trend information.
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" a fantastically interesting, insightful read from a consumer perspective-and there are valuable lessons to be learnt for any retailer " (CWB ( Childrenswear buyer), November 2002)
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