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Properties of Matter

ISBN: 978-0-471-26498-9
336 pages
January 1991
Properties of Matter (0471264989) cover image


The Manchester Physics Series is a collection of textbooks suitable for an undergraduate degree course in Physics. Each book has been individually developed to provide a reliable, self-contained text for an up-to-date course. Each book can be used independently of the other books in the series, while the organization and scope of each book allows considerable flexibility in the selection and arrangement of different courses.
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Table of Contents

The Study of the Properties of Matter

Atoms, Molecules and the States of Matter

Interatomic Potential Energies

Energy, Temperature and the Boltzmann Distribution

The Maxwell Speed Distribution and the Equipartition of Energy

Transport Properties of Gases

Liquids and Imperfect Gases

Thermal Properties of Solids

Defects in Solids: Liquids as Disordered Solids
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