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Visual Basic Design Patterns

ISBN: 978-0-471-26860-4
564 pages
July 2005
Visual Basic Design Patterns (0471268607) cover image


  • Design Patterns are a type of pattern used in the initial design phase of an object-oriented development project
  • Documents 46 Visual Basic .NET design patterns, including 20 that have never before been published
  • Features case studies that demonstrate how to use design patterns effectively in the real world-and even explains where not to use design patterns
  • Companion Web site includes all code and UML models from the book as well as links to appropriate software downloads
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Table of Contents

About the Authors.



Chapter 1: Overview of UML.

Chapter 2: The Software Life Cycle.

Chapter 3: Fundamental Design Patterns.

Chapter 4: Creational Patterns.

Chapter 5: Partitioning Patterns.

Chapter 6: Structural Patterns.

Chapter 7: Behavioral Patterns.

Chapter 8: Concurrency Patterns.



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Author Information

Mark Grand is an Atlanta-based consultant specializing in Distributed Systems Object Oriented Design and Java. He was the architect of the first commercial B2B e-commerce product for the Internet. Prior to his involvement with Java, Mark spent over 11 years as a designer and implementer of 4GLs. His most recent role in that vein was as the architect and project manager for an electronic data interchange product. Mark has worked with a number of MIS organizations in capacities such as Software Architect, Database Architect and Network Designer.
Mark has been involved with object-oriented programming and design since 1982 and is now most widely known for his best-selling patterns books. Mark has taught for U.C. Berkeley, Sun and other organizations. You can find more information about Mark Grand at http://www.markgrand.com/.

Brad Merrill currently works as a software engineer on the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. He’s previously worked as a .NET technology evangelist at Microsoft, and as a software engineer at Sybase and Digital Equipment Corporation. His areas of expertise are in distributed systems, transaction processing, operating systems, and compiler technology. Brad lives in Redmond, Washington, and is an avid tournament chess player and bridge player. He can be reached at zbrad@cybercom.net or http://www.cybercom.net/~zbrad.

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Appendix A: E-Commerce Mini-Framework
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Code from the Book
Here is the code form the book in a .zip file.
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Author's Site
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