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MySQL and Java Developer's Guide

ISBN: 978-0-471-26923-6
432 pages
March 2003
MySQL and Java Developer


  • Shows Java developers everything they need to know to build Java database applications with MySQL.
  • Takes a hands-on, code-intensive approach in which readers will learn how to build a sophisticated Web database management application.
  • Begins with a review of the fundamentals of MySQL.
  • Explains using Java's JDBC with MySQL, as well as servlet and JSP programming with MySQL.
  • Provides a code-rich tutorial on how to build the sample Java database application using EJBs.
  • The companion Web site provides the full code examples plus links to useful sites.
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Table of Contents


About the Authors.


Chapter 1: An Overview of MySQL.

Chapter 2: JDBC and Connector/J.

Chapter 3: Working with  MySQL SQL.

Chapter 4: Installing MySQL, Java, and Connector/J.

Chapter 5: Using JDBC with Java Applications and Applets.

Chapter 6: Achieving Advanced Connector/J Functionality with Servlets.

Chapter 7: MySQL Type Mapping.

Chapter 8: Transactions and Table Locking with Connector/J.

Chapter 9: Using Metadata.

Chpater 10: Connection Pooling with Connector/J.

Chapter 11: EJBs with MySQL.

Chapter 12: Building a General Interface for MySQL.

Chapter 13: Database Administration.

Chapter 14: Performance and Tuning.

Appendix A: MySQL Development and Test Environments.

Appendix B: Databases and Tables.

Appendix C: The JDBC API and Connector/J.

Appendix D: MySQL Functions and Operators.

Appendix E: Connector/J Late-Breaking Additions.


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Author Information

MARK MATTHEWS is the creator of Connector/J and its predecessor MM.MySQL, the Java JDBC drivers for MySQL. He is the undisputed authority on developing Java database applications with MySQL.
JIM COLE is a senior software engineer specializing in Internet and knowledge management systems. He is an active developer, working in Java, C++, and MySQL.

JOSEPH D. GRADECKI is a senior software engineer working on enterprise-level securities processing systems. He has built numerous dynamic, enterprise applications using Java, MySQL, servlets, JSPs, Resin, XML, and more.

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Welcome to the MySQL and Java Developer's Guide: Java Open Source Library companion Web site.

The authors have provided sample files so that you may follow along with the text and fully utilize it teachings.

The example files have been archived to make downloading simpler. To open the archives you will have to download Winrar or a similar utility to extract the files.

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