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The Internet Weather: Balancing Continuous Change and Constant Truths

ISBN: 978-0-471-26934-2
246 pages
August 2002
The Internet Weather: Balancing Continuous Change and Constant Truths (0471269344) cover image
A provocative and compelling way to look at the future world of work
What will work be like in the future? Futurists often try to answer this question by looking at how the Internet and technology have changed our lives, but in The Internet Weather, James Moore asserts it's far more useful-and even essential-to view the future by examining those things that don't change: the human desire for time, privacy, trust, and truth. Understanding this, Moore says, can help managers change the way they manage, and, in doing so, retain employees and improve their businesses. In this riveting book, Moore shares insights gleaned from his consulting career and imparts advice he has given clients to help them change their behavior and improve business and personal performance. He also questions assumptions about the New Economy and offers predictions about the future of work to help managers see where to focus their energy and attention.
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Chapter 1: Relevance in the Internet Age.

Chapter 2: Winner Take All: The Economics of the Internet.

Chapter 3: Anonymity, the Ultimate Luxury Good.

Chapter 4: Chipmunks in the Wheel of Time.

Chapter 5: Fast Facts and Factoid Fiction Crowd Out the Truth.

Chapter 6: Taxis, Technology, and Trust.

Chapter 7: Individual Sovereignty.

Chapter 8: Inbots and Outbots: Agents of Privacide.

Chapter 9: Trustees of Time.

Chapter 10: The Color of Data.

Chapter 11: Principled Agility.

Chapter 12: Invest in Verities.

Chapter 13: Navigating the Internet Weather.


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JAMES W. MOORE is President of The Marshall Moore Group, where he works on the incubation and launch of Internet-enabled enterprises and consults on the impact of electronic commerce with major firms around the world. He is a frequent speaker on the subject of electronic commerce and serves on the visiting faculties of Northwestern University's Kellogg School and the School of Business Administration of The Ohio State University.
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"...The Internet Weather is certainly a good read" (Eurobusiness, May 2002)
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