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Network Query Language (NQL)

ISBN: 978-0-471-27203-8
688 pages
July 2002
Network Query Language (NQL) (0471272035) cover image


An unparalleled opportunity to learn about an exciting new technology that is revolutionizing network and Internet content delivery

Network Query Language (NQL) is a revolutionary new scripting language that makes it astonishingly quick and easy to aggregate, analyze, interpret, and redistribute information via networks. Described as the "first language of the content engineering era," NQL allows programmers to develop bots, intelligent agents, middleware, and sophisticated Web applications in a small fraction of the time it would ordinarily take. This book offers developers and network administrators an unparalleled opportunity to learn about this exciting new technology-what it is, how it works, and how to use and make the most of its many features-from the man who invented it.
CD-ROM contains a 60-day-timeout version of NQL in both Windows and Java (Linux and Macintosh) formats.

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Presenting Network Query Language (NQL).

Chapter 2 Developing in NQL.

Chapter 3 Language Fundamentals.

Chapter 4 Flow of Control.

Chapter 5 Expressions, Operators, and Functions.

Chapter 6 Working with Files.

Chapter 7 Transferring Files.

Chapter 8 Working with Databases.

Chapter 9 Working with XML.

Chapter 10 Accessing Web Sites.

Chapter 11 Processing HTML.

Chapter 12 Sending and Receiving Email.

Chapter 13 Accessing Newsgroups.

Chapter 14 Searching Directory Servers.

Chapter 15 Terminal Emulation.

Chapter 16 Interacting with Applications.

Chapter 17 Socket Communications.

Chapter 18 Serial Communications.

Chapter 19 Synchronization.

Chapter 20 E-Commerce.

Chapter 21 Graphics.

Chapter 22 Agent Characters.

Chapter 23 Fuzzy Logic.

Chapter 24 Neural Networks.

Chapter 25 Bayesian Inference.

Chapter 26 Interacting with the Desktop.

Chapter 27 Network Monitoring.

Chapter 28 Web Applications.

Chapter 29 Supporting Mobile Devices.

Chapter 30 System Actions and Information.

Chapter 31 Calling NQL as a Component.

Chapter 32 NQL Cookbook.

Appendix NQL Versions and Editions.

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Author Information

DAVID PALLMANN is Chief Technology Officer for NQL Inc., where he invented Network Query Language and the ContentAnywhere content-management system. He manages a technology group that creates products and a professional services group that deploys customer solutions on-site at major accounts. Pallmann has over twenty years of experience in software development and holds one patent on data conversion through the use of agents, with three additional patents pending.
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