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Laboratory Instrumentation, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-28572-4
512 pages
October 1994
Laboratory Instrumentation, 4th Edition (0471285722) cover image


The new edition of this widely-used sourcebook details the startlingly array of diagnostic equipment available in the medical laboratory of the nineties, and also covers maintenance and quality assurance for each type of instrument. This book includes 17 completely rewritten chapters and 7 new ones, on nephelometry and turbidimetry, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, automated immunoassay systems, automated blood bank systems, and physician's office laboratory instrumentation.
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Table of Contents

Partial table of contents:

Principles of Electricity and Electronics (R. Earl).

Analytical Balances (J. Thompson & M. Haven).

Refractometry (R. Juel & M. Steinrauf).

Flame Emission and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (M. Haven & M. Lohff).

Fluorometry and Fluorescence Polarization (P. Studts, et al.).

Electrochemical Methods of Analysis (E. Goshorn, et al.).

Basic Principles of Chromatography (U. Otten).

Gas Chromatography (D. Hage).

Flow Cytomtery (M. Collins & S. Pirruccello).

Automated Immunoassay Systems (L. Arnold & M. Fiore).

Automated Coagulation Systems (J. Olson & B. Pennell).

Automated Blood Banking Systems (J. Landmark).

Answers to Questions and Problems.

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