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Drawing: A Creative Process

ISBN: 978-0-471-28968-5
208 pages
September 1989
Drawing: A Creative Process (047128968X) cover image


"Drawing relies on a clear vision. It also requires thought which, in, turn, builds understanding. Drawing cannot be detached from seeing and thinking about the fundamental nature of the subject matter being represented. The knowledge and understanding gained through drawing from life directly enhances our ability to draw from the imagination. Just as thought can be put into words, ideas can be made visible in a drawing to promote visual thinking and further stimulate the imagination. Once what is seen or imagined is made visible in a drawing, the image takes on a life of its own and communicates graphically. However eloquently or crudely, all drawings, speak to the eye." From the Preface . Francis D.K. Ching
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Table of Contents

Drawing: Process and Product.

Line: The Essence of Drawing.

Shape: The Definition of Form.

Depth: The Art of Illusion.

Envisioning: Drawing From Imagination.

Speculation: Drawing and Creativity.


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Press Release

September 08, 2010
Drawing: A Creative Process

Frank Ching discusses his career.

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