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Practical Baking, 5th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-28982-1
832 pages
August 1989, ©1989
Practical Baking, 5th Edition (0471289825) cover image


Practical Baking covers the entire field of practical bakery foods production and pastry making, bringing students up to speed on the latest bakery developments, and emphasizing the production of international yeast-raised bakery products and new practices in speed-up production.
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Table of Contents


1 Basic Ingredients:

Wheat and Flours;
Milk and Milk Products;
Chemical Leavening Agents;
Salt, Spices, and Flavorings;
Cocoa and Chocolate;

2 General Factors in Production and Preservation:

Production Factors;
Some Definitions.

3 Bread and Rolls:

Overview of Production;
Common Problems;
White Pan Bread ;
Pullman, Split-top, and Round Split Breads;
French and Italian Breads and Rolls;
Vienna Bread;
Pan de Agua;
Egg Bread and Rolls;
Hard Roll Varieties;
Soft Roll Varieties;
Pan de Sal;
Rye Bread Varieties;
Cornmeal Bread;
Whole Wheat Bread;
Raisin Bread;
Cinnamon Bread;
Jamaican Hard Dough Bread;
Date-Nut Bread;
Chive-Spice Bread;
Cheese Bread;
Bagels and Bialys;
Indigenous Breads of India;
Middle Eastern Pita Bread;
Armenian Cracker Bread Biscocho;
Basque-Iberian Bread.

4 Sweet Yeast Dough Products:

Danish Pastry;
Coffee Cake Dough Products;
Specialty Rolls and Yeast-Raised Cakes;
Frozen Dough Products;
Additional Fillings and Toppings.

5 Biscuits, Muffins, and Scones:


6 Doughnuts and Crullers:

Preparation for Frying;
Finishing Doughnuts;
Use of Prepared Mixes;
Yeast-raised Doughnuts;
Cake Doughnuts;
Combination Doughnuts;
Whole Wheat Doughnuts;
French Crullers;
Common Problems with Doughnuts and Crullers.

7 Pies:

Fruit Pies;
Common Problems with Fruit Pies;
Piecrust Turnovers;
Soft-filled Pies;
Common Problems with Soft-filled Pies;
Cream and Chiffon Pies;
Common Problems with Cream and Chiffon Pies.

8 Pastries:

Short Dough Pastries;
Puff Pastries;
Common Problems with Puff Pastries;
Eclairs and Cream Puffs;
Common Problems with Eclairs and Cream Puffs;
Cream Cheese Dough Products;

9 Icings and Cream and Whipped Toppings:

Cream Toppings;
Whipped Toppings.

10 Cakes and Cake Specialties:

Cake Production;
Common Problems with Cake Production;
Creamed Cakes;
Common Problems with Creamed Cakes;
Blended Cakes;
Common Problems with Blended Cakes;
Whipped Cakes;
Common Problems with Sponge Cakes;
Common Problems with Chiffon Cakes;
Common Problems with Angel Food Cakes;
Combination Cake Mixes;
Common Problems with Fruit Cakes;
Cake Specialties.

11 Cookies:

Overview of Production;
Cutout or Sugar Cookies;
Common Problems with Cut-out or Sugar Cookies;
Bagged or Spritz Cookies;
Common Problems with Bagged or Spritz Cookies;
Sandwich Cookies;
Icebox Cookies;
Bar Cookies;
Wafer and Lace Cookies;
Assorted Cookies for Variety;
Linzer Tarts (Mirrors), Almond Tarts, and Almond Horns;
Specialty and Holiday Cookies.

12 Dietetic Baking:

Bread and Rolls;
Coffee Cakes and Sweet (Sugar Substitute) Rolls and Buns;
Cakes and Cookies ;
Pizza Dough;

13 Passover Bakery Products:

Passover Pastries;
Passover Cakes and Marzipan;
Passover Cookies.

14 "Natural" Bakery Products and Pizza:

Basic Ingredients for Yeast-raised Products;
Overview of Production of Yeast raised Products;
Bread and Rolls;
Common Problems with Bread and Rolls;
Sweet Yeast Dough Products;
Biscuits, Muffins, and Scones;
Enriched Quick;
Breads Pizza.

Appendix 1.

Appendix 2.

Appendix 3.

Appendix 4.

A Message to the Apprentice Baker.

A Message to the Instructor.


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Author Information

William J. Sultan is a baking consultant with U.S. Wheat Associates, an export market development organization representing the American wheat industry. He is currently involved in the research and development of bakery foods in foreign countries, and conducts seminars and practical demonstrations in various countries. He is also the author of Practical Baking Manual, The Pastry Chef, Food Products Formulary (Vol. 2), and several teaching guides, lesson plans, and training monographs on baking for the New York City Board of Education.
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