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Advanced COBOL for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-31481-3
640 pages
December 1998
Advanced COBOL for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming, 3rd Edition (0471314811) cover image
The classic guide to programming in COBOL-updated, expanded, and even more user-friendly than before

Advanced Cobol, Third Edition

For many years, Gary Brown's classic guide to advanced COBOL has been the on-the-job reference of choice for experienced COBOL programmers internationally. Without compromising on any of the outstanding features that made it so successful, this Third Edition has been updated and expanded to reflect all the important new trends and applications in COBOL programming. Packed with dozens of concise examples illustrating language features, and featuring several complete programs, this indispensable working resource arms you with practical coverage of:
* All essential COBOL terms, concepts, and statements
* COBOL programming solutions to the Y2K problem
* Full Screen terminal support, subprograms and functions, and COBOL Report Writer
* Items in proposed new ANSI Standard
* Object-oriented COBOL
* Obsolete statements and how to work around them
* COBOL for client/server and distributed computing
* Cross-system development
* Application programming interfaces

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COBOL Overview.

General Language Rules.


Details of the Basic COBOL Statements.

More COBOL Statements.

Details of More Basic COBOL Statements.

Structured Programming in COBOL.

Numeric Data.

Character Data.

Data Descriptions and Records.

Printed Output.



Input/Output Concepts and Devices.

Sequential Input/Output.

Indexed and Relative Files.

Special Processing for Input/Output.

Report Writer.

Program Organization.



Advanced Character Manipulation.


Full-Screen I/O in PC Applications.



All About Dates.

Demystifying Object-Oriented COBOL.

Inside the Computer.

Reading Programs.

COBOL in Distributed Computing.

Application Programming Interfaces.

Cross-System Development.

Compile, Link, and Run Procedures.


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GARY DEWARD BROWN is President of Spear H. Computing Corporation, a national computer consulting firm, and a widely respected expert on mainframe systems and COBOL programming. He is also the author of System 390 JCL, Fourth Edition, also published by Wiley.
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