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Janice VanCleave's Guide to More of the Best Science Fair Projects

ISBN: 978-0-471-32627-4
160 pages
January 2000
Janice VanCleave
* Complete rules and display tips
* Hundreds of exciting projects
* Helpful do's and don'ts
* 50 fun, step-by-step experiments

More Winning Science Fair Projects, Hints, and Tips from Janice VanCleave!

What can you do to create an extraordinary science project?

How is a clear and easy-to-follow display organized?

What are the do's and don'ts of science fair projects?

Where will you find the best collection of science fair ideas?

The answers--and the fun--are all in this exciting book of innovative, easy-to-understand, show-stopping science fair projects. Discover how to develop a topic from your own idea; research, create, and assemble your project; then display it in a way that will make it stand out from the crowd. Tackle some of Janice VanCleave's favorite experiments on topics ranging from astronomy, biology, and engineering to botany, geology, and oceanography. Then let your mind loose to explore whatever topic most interests you. Enjoy working on intriguing experiments while learning the secrets of science fair success!

Praise for Janice VanCleave's books

"Stunningly clear, direct, and informative projects."--School Library Journal

"[They] not only teach children the basics of science, but also entertain along the way . . . great for kids."--Parentguide
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The Scientific Method.

Topic Research.


Project Research.

A Sample Project.

The Project Report.

The Display.

Presentation and Evaluation.


Brighter (Astronomy).

Shadows (Astronomy).

Building Blocks (Botany--Anatomy of Plants).

Reflectors (Botany--Anatomy of Plants).

Up and Down? (Botany--Behavior of Plants).

With and Without (Botany--Physiology of Plants).

Getting Started (Botany--Physiology of Plants).

Clipped (Botany--Physiology of Plants).

3-D (Zoology--Anatomy of Animals).

Face Forward (Zoology--Anatomy of Animals).

"Hearing" Without Ears (Zoology--Anatomy of Animals).

Oops! (Zoology--Behavior of Animals).

Juicy (Zoology--Physiology of Animals).

Break Out (Zoology--Physiology of Animals).

Super Spout (Zoology--Physiology of Animals).

Survivors (Ecology).

Spotted (Microbiology).

Jerky (Microbiology).

Easy Over (Geology).

Fiery Interior (Geology).

Combined (Geology--Rocks and Minerals).

Snap! (Geology--Minerals).

Changed (Geology--Rocks).

Splitters (Geology--Rocks).

Long Enough (Geology--Seismology).

Side-to-Side (Geology--Seismology).

Riser Geology (Volcanology).

Magma Flow (Geology--Volcanology).

Windy (Meteorology).

Stormy (Meteorology).

Wash Out (Oceanography).

Floaters (Oceanography).

Indicators (Paleontology).

How Old? (Paleontology).

Flexible (Engineering).

Windmill (Engineering).

I.D. (Chemistry).

Super Chains (Chemistry--Organic).

Stickers (Physics--Electricity).

Zap! (Physics--Electricity).

Hot Box (Physics--Energy).

Up and Down (Physics--Energy).

Launcher (Physics--Gravity).

Toys and Gravity (Physics--Gravity).

Lifter (Physics--Machines).

Uphill (Physics--Machines).

Attractive (Physics--Magnetism).

Back and Forth (Physics--Magnetism).

Unchanged (Mathematics).

Polys (Mathematics).



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JANICE VANCLEAVE is a former award-winning science teacher who now spends her time writing and giving hands-on science workshops. She is the author of more than 40 children's science books.
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